About Me


I’m SomeQueer, welcome to my blog. I review body-safe sex toys here, and discuss other aspects of sex, sexuality, gender, kink, and relationships. My work here will always strive to be inclusive of all bodies, all genders, and all orientations. I hope to be able to help people bring more pleasure to their lives’ and find sex toys that work for them, their bodies, and their specific needs. All of my reviews are my own opinion, or the opinion of someone I trust when I don’t have the necessary parts to review the toy completely by myself (a penis). 

I write from the perspective of someone with chronic pain that directly impacts my sexual organs (and most of my body) quite often. I am pronoun indifferent, but go by she/her most frequently. By the name of my site you can probably guess that I am queer, and I use that label as I feel it fits both my sexuality and gender best. 

I do not accept guest reviews or posts.