Blush Slambox Review

Blush Slambox with the sleeve sitting beside it

The Blush Slambox is one of those products that as soon as I saw it I wanted my partner to have it, and when he saw it his feelings were the same. Automatic stroking, sucking, and rotating penis (or your preferred term) sex toys are not new to the market at this point. Different varieties have gone viral on various social media and plenty of brands have made their own varieties. The Blush Slambox intrigued my sadistic, dominant side, though, for reasons I’m going to gladly get into. 

Let’s get into some of the specifications about the model first though. The Blush Slambox has 7 modes of up and down stroking, and 360 degree rotation. These functions are integrated and cannot be used independently, so once you power it on both functions are activated. Some of the modes spin in both directions, some only one way. The other functions speed up, slow down, and create different varieties of strokes, including starting and stopping. The first mode is the only one that’s consistent, spinning and stroking with no stops or variation.

There is also no vibration feature. The unit is controlled by a single button that powers it on/off, and allows you to cycle through the 7 aforementioned functions. The sleeve that sits in the round chamber at the center of the toy is a clear TPE material, with rounded spike/nubs, and long lines at the entrance/exit for stimulation. The toy is charged with an included USB-C cable, and the battery lasts for up to 60 minutes. The single button control is not very convenient since you have to cycle through to get back to the setting you want, or power off and back on. 

So like I said, when my partner saw this toy he wanted it, but he was also concerned about the size of the sleeve (width wise), and the texture of the sleeve. My partner has bought several strokers that ended up too small and therefore useless to him so he was concerned that the Slambox wouldn’t be able to accommodate his width. His foreskin is also sensitive and gets irritated easily so he was concerned that the constant stimulation would be too much. However, the intrigue was just too intense for both of us so he decided to buy the Slambox and just give it a whirl.

Open view of the Blush Slambox

So let’s address his first two concerns first: sleeve texture and fit. When my partner uses the Slambox, the texture of the sleeve included with the toy surprised him by actually feeling good, and not irritating. He says it’s a terrible description but it’s like smooth flaps, sweeping all around his dick. They have a fairly distinct feeling, so they can be individually felt for the most part too. He tried to come up with a better way to describe it, and while words eluded him in this department he wants me to assure you that it is a good feeling it provides. He said it’s an intense stimulation, not subtle, but despite its intensity it’s not so extreme on the friction that it causes irritation. The thing he did emphasize though is use lots of lubrication, of course. The texture of the sleeve is quite grippy and if you’re not using enough lube it will catch on your skin and cause stress marks to the TPE material, and not to mention won’t feel as good as it should for you. If you don’t have enough lube the toy also won’t spin/stroke as fast as it can, or as smoothly, so have plenty at the ready, because you may need to reapply if you’re using it for longer periods.

Now, as far as the fit goes, some of his concerns there were valid, but the toy isn’t useless. The Slambox can only be used on the head of my partner’s dick, and keep its full strength. Anytime we’ve pushed the toy down onto his shaft, the mechanical spinning and stroking immediately slows down a lot, almost stopping, because it’s too narrow for him. When we push it to the base of his penis, it basically does stop, and you can hear the inner workings fighting really hard to keep doing their job, but there simply isn’t the space. 

My partner isn’t bothered by the fact the Slambox can only cover his dick head though, because he said the stimulation of the sleeve doesn’t feel like much on his shaft anyway. Having the stroking and spinning sensations focused entirely on some of his most sensitive spots is definitely enough to keep him hard, and to bring him to orgasm.

What personally drew me to this masturbator was the ideas I had for forced orgasms, post-orgasm torture, cock milking (not the anal variety), edging and “training”, and the ability to actually see my partner shoot his load, since it’s an open-ended design. The Blush Slambox is essentially a compact sex machine for penises (or your preferred term) that doesn’t require any mounting, extra equipment, or special tools. I knew it would be a way for us to indulge in fantasies of forced “milking” via machinery, but in a small package, and it hasn’t let me down yet. 

No doubt some of you have heard of the term “edging”, and for those of you who haven’t here’s a quick explanation. The Blush Slambox is an excellent toy for “edge training”, as I call it, where I tell my partner to get close to orgasm and stay there for extended periods of time, without backing off the way you might in typical edging. My partner also said overall it’s a great toy to practice being in more control of your orgasm, and teaching yourself to last longer, if that’s a goal of yours. It’s perfect for forced orgasms, too, just as I thought it would be. Even after my partner has reached orgasm I have used the Slambox to make him orgasm a second time, which every toy isn’t capable of. However, the mix of the intensity and mechanical consistency that doesn’t stop is enough to drain him a second time.

When it comes to handling the Slambox it’s easy for both of us. I have small hands so I wondered if the square cube would be uncomfortable for me to hold, but I haven’t had any issues there. The Slambox’s shape also means you could place it sideways on a surface and use it standing up, or kneeling. Its overall design is also discreet, once you slide the black panels on. It looks like a gaming device, or perhaps a Bluetooth speaker, to the untrained eye. One thing many folks wonder about with motorized toys is how loud is it? The Slambox makes noise, because it is stroking and spinning, but it is not the loudest or most obnoxious toy either of us has owned. If you use some background noise like a TV, music, or soundbox, someone outside of the bedroom isn’t likely to hear it. You can also use it under a thick blanket for even more sound muffling. If you want to hear the Blush Slambox for yourself, head on over to my instagram, where I post reels of most of the toys I review.

When it comes to cleaning the Slambox the inner TPE sleeve is completely removable for easy washing with mild soap and water. The rest of the box is only rated as splashproof, so do not submerge it for cleaning. For the most part, the box piece doesn’t get super messy in our experience, but we wet a cloth with some soap and water (wring it out, not dripping), and wipe everything down good. The chamber that holds the TPE sleeve can be turned by hand, to clean the red plastic behind it. Rinse your cloth of soap and then wipe everything down again, then dry everything off. You could also use toy cleaner wipes to wipe the box down. Ensure your TPE sleeve and the white plastic chamber it sits in are both completely dry before reassembling the Slambox for storage.

Blush Slambox with sleeve sitting in front of it, removed from the box.

I definitely think the Blush Slambox is an excellent toy if you’re looking to play some dom/sub games, or orgasm control games. It’s also perfect for solo use, rather you have fantasies of being used by a relentless machine, or you just want something to do most of the manual labor for you. 

If you’d like to get your hands on your own Blush Slambox you can purchase one at BettysToyBox.

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