Colours Girth Dual Density Review

Colours Girth Dual Density Dildo

The Colours Girth Dual Density from NS Novelties isn’t a new dildo, and the Colours line has been around quite a while, but this is the first one I purchased. I had often heard about how soft the Colours line was, and how squishy the dual-density of them is, but to be honest, I thought maybe it was just being over-hyped. I can now say, the hype is real, and not overdone at all. This dildo is so freakin’ soft and squishy; more so than other dual-density dildos I own. With a firm inner core still, of course. The outer layer isn’t as thick as some other dual-density toys I own, but it’s the softest in terms of squish. 

The Colours Girth says 7 inches on the box, but it’s actually 8 inches total, with 7.68 inches of that being insertable. It’s 2.01 inches wide at the widest point, the head, and just a little under 2 inches at the narrowest spots of the shaft. The base is 3.35 inches wide, meaning it’s anal-safe, and harness compatible, and it also is a suction cup base. The veiny texture and gently wrinkled head give it quite the realistic appearance. It also looks like an uncircumcised penis, with a thin foreskin that’s been pushed down, giving it a subtle fold appearance just under the head. I really love this detail. You can get the Colours Girth dual-density in two more-realistic colors, and one non-realistic color, purple, so if complete realism isn’t your jam you have that option.

Colours Girth Dual Density Dildo in vanilla against a blue, white, and purple background with circles.

Despite the fact I hadn’t bought a Colours dual density dildo until now I always thought the line was an excellent line. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, and they’re very budget friendly! Once upon a time ago, it was impossible to get dual-density silicone dildos without paying an arm and a leg, but those days are long gone. You can find a wide variety of budget-friendly silicone options, and the Colours line is just one of them. 

I purchased the Colours Girth dildo, despite the fact it doesn’t have much curve, simply because it is thick and the value for the size was amazing. One of the things that held me back from buying one of these dildos before was how textured they looked, and not believing they’d be soft enough. Texture is a fickle thing with me, because I don’t always produce enough fluid of my own, and I deal with a lot of vulva/vaginal dryness and irritation issues in my daily life. I was concerned that the veins would feel irritating the way they have on previous dildos for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Visually, I love veins! I am a simple creature in that fashion, and when I see a veiny dick, or arms, or hands, I am weak to them, okay. So owning a dildo that’s veiny and doesn’t irritate me from either too much friction or not enough squish is a big win for me.

Now, like I said, the Colours Girth does lack the usual curve I prefer from my dildos, especially because once it’s inserted it’s even more straight, but the girth factor mainly makes up for that. It doesn’t target my G-spot or A-spot in the same way more curved, or stiffer toys can, but the overall thickness of the toy applies pressure to these spots still while I am using it. I don’t always want super intense targeted pressure on these spots, sometimes I just want the general pressure feeling and this dildo is excellent at providing just that. I love to be full and stuffed, and while this isn’t the absolute thickest dildo I own, it’s one that’s manageable basically all the time for me, while still giving me that fullness that I crave. Since it’s not very distinct in shape, and there are no orientation nodes, or markings it does get flipped around inside me easily, and I have to remove it to tell which way is up and down, but stimulation wise this doesn’t usually matter a whole lot. I have a slight preference for it to be oriented upward, since the head nuzzles against my cervix just a little better this way, but plenty of times I have orgasmed around this dildo with it sideways, or backwards, and not been any less satisfied. 

When my partner uses this dildo on me, I swear I melt into a puddle of goo and loose all ability to form words, or even coherent thoughts beyond “more”. Every dildo I own isn’t one I like for my partner to use on me, because they require moment-to-moment instruction to feel their best for me, but with the Colours Girth dual density I can hand it over to my partner and allow him to just go to work. I can’t thrust dildos super well for myself, at the exact angle I want most of the time, or as fast as he can, so having my partner do it really allows me to get the full benefits of a dildo. Having him use this dildo on me is dreamy, mouth-watering goodness. Pure ecstasy. Like I said, it doesn’t target super specific spots even when he’s controlling it, but it fills me up entirely, and he can work more length in than I can, stuffing me even better.

The appearance of the Colours Girth dual density isn’t the only thing that’s realistic about it, either. This dildo is the most lifelike feeling dildo I own when in use, for me. I will admit that my experience in this department is limited, as most of my dildos aren’t aiming to be realistic, but the way the dual-density layering is done on this toy makes it feel extremely realistic to me, especially with adequate wetness or lubrication. The outer layer of silicone is soft and plush, but it’s thin enough that you can feel the stiffer inside, and it makes it feel very similar to squeezing a flesh and blood dick. The head is a tad bit squishier than a real life penis, but I personally love it because it allows me to bump it directly against my cervix without any stabbing sensation, even when my cervix is feeling more sensitive than usual.

Even though this dildo is rather girthy it still pairs well with external stimulation. As much as I love to be filled up with a thick toy, I still need external stimulation most of the time to reach orgasm. I have had no trouble using my Eroscillator, my Zumio, or any of my bullet vibes with this dildo. It definitely splays my labia wide open, giving me better access to my clit, but because it does open me so wide there’s not a lot of room for a bigger vibrator without causing uncomfortable pinching. This is a very anatomy specific thing, and will vary for everyone, but when I am using bigger dildos I have to use smaller toys on my clit or I risk smashing my clit and labia between the vibe and the inserted toy and that’s not the type of pain I’m into. The Colours Girth pairs well with my butt plugs too. Sometimes if you’re using too rigid of a dildo with a butt plug you can experience uncomfortable pressure or pinching, and that’s never been an issue for me with the Girth dildo.

Underside of the Colours Girth Dual density dildo

The one thing this dildo lacks in terms of realism is balls, but I’m not unhappy about that. Most of the time my hand cramps when holding dildos with balls, because I have small hands. I prefer suction cup bases, or thin bases for easier holding and thrusting. The one benefit to balls is they’re generally easier for me to prop against my bed and keep the dildo stuffed inside. I wank almost exclusively reclining most of the way back, propped up at a slight angle on pillows, and I don’t thrust my dildos or vibrators in and out the entire time. I keep them inserted as deep as they’ll go most of the time and do a lot of clenching and grinding my hips to get the movement and friction I desire. The flexibility of the Colours Girth allows me to bend it and prop it easily, and when I do wish to thrust and pound myself with it the suction cup base provides an easy handhold.

Since buying this dildo in April it has quickly become one of my most used, alongside my Diedrich from Dee’s Big Daddies, and my Splendid from Uberrime, and I do not foresee that changing anytime soon. The Colours Girth dual density dildo fills me up when I’m craving more than my Splendid offers, but feels more subtle than Diedrich does when it comes to intensely targeting specific spots, and sometimes that’s exactly what I need. If you have read some of my other reviews then you likely know that I suffer from chronic pain that manifests partially in my vaginal canal, so super intense targeting isn’t always comfortable for me, and the Colours Girth dual density dildo gives me that perfect balance.

The Colours Girth dildo is made entirely of silicone, so it’s completely body-safe, and easy to clean. Simply scrub it clean with warm water and mild soap, preferably unscented. If you need a full sanitization between holes, or from a recent infection you can go the 10% bleach solution route, or the boiling method, since there’s mechanics to be concerned with. You can use it in the bathtub or shower, and you do not have to be concerned about water ruining any charging ports since again, no mechanics involved. The finish of the silicone is a bit grippy if you’re not adequately wet, or using enough lubricant, so I suggest having lubricant handy just in case. Water-based lubricant is suggested because it’s silicone, but if you choose to use another type be sure to spot test it first. The finish also picks up hair and lint easily, so you may need to give it a quick rinse before using it even when it’s clean. 

If you’d like to get your very own Colours Girth Dual Density dildo you can buy one from BettysToyBox.

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