Geostroker 1 and 4 Review

The Geostroker line is a newer line from Icon Brands, and there are 4 in the series. Icon Brands didn’t reinvent the wheel with the Geostroker line, but instead they chose tried-and-true designs, so how do they compare overall? My partner bought 1 and 4 so I am going to compare both of them, and maybe in the future I will be able to tell you about 2 and 3. My partner was intrigued when he came across this line because of the fact they bear resemblance to some of his other favorites

The Geostrokers are made of white TPE/TPR material that is stretchy and able to accommodate most penis (or your preferred term) sizes. These strokers are 5 inches long, and 2 inches wide, and like I said, stretch to accommodate more. If you’ve owned any other TPE strokers you know that the material is soft, and tacky, picking up every bit of lint and hair in its vicinity, but when you add lubricant it becomes very smooth and slippery; making it ideal for masturbation.

Geostroker 1 and 4 on a flat wood background. They are white T.P.E. strokers

The downside of the Geostrokers line, in my opinion, is their marketing for how they’re sold. They’re labeled 1-4, and their external appearance is different, but internally I believe they all have the same texture. I can’t say with absolute positivity that 2 and 3 are the same, but I do know that 1 and 4 are the same. I looked at multiple online stores, including the brands own website, to see if anyone included pictures for the internal textures and I couldn’t track any down. I definitely think Icon Brands should have included a picture to show the internal texture of these strokers, because not only will people want to know what they’re getting, but it will avoid the disappointment of buying basically the same stroker. They say “collect them all!” on their product box, but I personally was disappointed when my partner bought the Geostroker 1 and it had the same internal texture as his Geostroker 4.

Geostroker 4 on the left Geostroker 1 on the right, both inverted.

If you happen to come across these strokers in a physical store, you can see an approximation of the internal texture on the back of the product box, but it’s not fully accurate. On the back of the box for the Geostroker 4 it shows rings for varying stimulation, and the stroker only sort of has one of these; Geostroker 1 has the same ring. Unfortunately, the box for the Geostroker 1 got thrown away before I took a picture so I can’t compare its accuracy. Now, I will say that the external shape influences the internal feel slightly, between shapes 1 and 4, but if I am right that they’re all the same inside then that means 1-3 will likely feel basically identical.

Geostroker box
Back of the Geostroker 4 box. Here you can see an approximation of the inner texture, but it’s not fully accurate.

The Geostroker’s internal textures that my partner owns are small pyramids, throughout the entire tunnel of the toy, with a flat end, save for the small dot of excess TPE at the end that’s likely from the molding shape. They’re all closed-end strokers, as well. My partner has a lot of strokers that have small nubs for their internal texture, which are of course more round, but these are pyramid shaped, so they come to a point. The benefit to these pyramid shapes are that they can actually be felt a bit more individually, which means more intense stimulation for him. He always says that round nubs feel like more generalized pressure, and while the Geostrokers still give an all-over sensation the points are more intense. Despite the fact that my partner is uncircumcised, and he will tell you his head and foreskin are on the more sensitive side, the stimulation these strokers provide doesn’t become uncomfortable for him. He enjoys the uniform texture through the entire stroker, instead of having areas with rings or tunnels to push through, since those can often be too tight and uncomfortable in certain toys.

Geostroker 4
Geostroker 4

Since my partner is more sensitive, and easily irritated he prefers that his strokers not be overly tight, either. My partner’s penis is also wider than average so finding strokers that accommodate his not-too-tight desire can be troublesome at times, but the Icon Geostroker line fits the bill. The TPR material these strokers are made with is soft, but dense enough to not just be completely floppy either. Since these strokers are just used in your hand, and not meant to be in a case they have the required density to hold up well to the job. On the flip side they’re still soft enough to be form fitting. My partner says sometimes TPR strokers are too firm and can feel like you’re wanking with a stiff plastic bag, but that’s not a problem with the Geostroker line. 

As the Geostroker line is a caseless stroker your experience with it can be customized a lot with your hand. When you use strokers in a case you usually can’t manipulate how loose or tight the sensation is, but when you’re using a caseless masturbator you can directly influence the pressure based on your grip. The suction in both the Geostroker 1 and 4 can be changed based on how much air you squeeze out of the toy, but my partner’s experience is that these toys are harder to get absolutely one hundred percent of the air out of them. As you’re using this style of masturbator, your penis (or preferred term) and natural grip will push a lot of the air out, creating a tighter suction feel, which sometimes pushes into the uncomfortable territory because it creates so much friction. With the Geostroker line though my partner says even when he intentionally pushes a lot of the air out, there always seems to be a small pocket left in, which he actually prefers because it means way less adjusting throughout his session. He said both of the strokers’ internal texture still makes good contact with his entire dick, and the material is form-fitting overall so the sensation is still great, but that small bit of air allows space around his head to avoid friction irritation.

Geostroker 1
Geostroker 1

The Geostroker line is TPR material, so water-based lube only is suggested with them, and if you have any experience with strokers and water-based lube then you know how quickly it can dry out. My partner is very specific about his lube needs and specifications when wanking, which I mention because perhaps some of you out there relate. The Geostroker line has a slightly tighter entrance ring than the rest of the toy’s internal tunnel. This matters in the lubrication department because it means my partner experiences basically zero lube loss from it just oozing out of the stroker, which is ideal for not constantly adding more, or having to re-wet the lube. The tight entrance is also a big benefit in the sensation department for him. My partner enjoys pressure on his shaft, even if his head can’t handle a lot due to sensitivity. 

Sound and noise are a concern for many folks when buying a sex toy, rather they’re worried about being discreet or because the noise of the toy pulls them from the masturbating experience, or adds to it in some folks’ cases. Both of the Geostrokers that my partner owns are very quiet when using; the occasional squelching noises you get from strokers don’t even happen with these ones often, due to the fact there’s no chambers or large pockets for air to get trapped in.

So you may be wondering, what exactly are the differences between Geostroker 1 and Geostroker 4? Well, the outside appearance is what gives them their differences, actually. Geostroker 1 is a slightly rounded tube, with a diamond pattern exterior, and Geostroker 4 is a tube with 3 rings that dip inward. These dips in the Geostroker 4 mean that the texture internally comes into slightly better contact with your penis (or preferred term) than in the Geostroker 1. These differences can be increased with more pressure from your hand by pressing your fingers into these divots. Based on the external appearance I initially thought that the Geostroker 1 would bow out more on the inside, making it wider, but the tunnel is the same as the 4’s. Both of these strokers are really easy to hold, but these dips do create more natural finger resting spots, in my partner’s opinion. Beyond that, there really is no difference between these two strokers.

Geostroker 1 internal shot
Geostroker 4 internal shot

Cleaning and drying the Geostroker line is similar to any other stroker of this style. The website says they can be turned inside out for easier cleaning but my partner chooses to not flip these ones inside out for every cleaning since the TPR material feels a bit denser than his Tenga’s of similar style. He is concerned if he turns them inside out for cleaning every single time that they will rip faster. He also has really long fingers so he can easily clean the toy without inverting it. No matter which style of cleaning you decide to use, rinse out body fluids and excess lube with cold water first, and then add mild soap and clean well. If you rinse the body fluids and excess lube out first with cold water it makes the overall cleaning easier because it helps the fluids and lube not stick to the toy as much, and that goes for any masturbator basically. Once you’ve completely rinsed all the soap off you will need to dry your toy entirely before storage. TPR/TPE is porous, and if you don’t dry these strokers entirely they can grow mold and mildew. My partner uses diatomaceous earth drying rods on all of his strokers, and lint free cloths for the outside. You don’t need drying rods, paper towels, or soft, lint-free cloths work fine, the drying rod just speeds the process up. Whatever you choose to dry your strokers with, just make sure they’re entirely dry before storing them, and don’t store them touching any other sex toys, including each other. 

I do not have a penis, so all penis toy opinions come from my current partner. The reviews are written by me, based on the thoughts and opinions of myself and my partner. 

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