Tenga 3D Polygon Review

Tenga Polygon 3D on its black stand, blue and yellow square fidget toys on either side. The Polygon 3D is a white TPE stroker. Shiny aluminum background.

I do not have a penis, so all penis toy opinions come from my current partner. The reviews are written by me, based on the thoughts and opinions of my partner. 

This was my partner’s first Tenga toy, and he decided to try it because Tenga came highly recommended, second to Fleshlight in most cases. He already owned a Fleshlight and had tried some cheaper strokers, so he wanted to see what Tenga had to offer. 

Tenga markets their 3D products as works of art and sculpture and it was actually one of the bigger selling points for my partner because he likes toys that are discreet and not instantly recognizable as sex toys. The 3D line is meant to be inverted for use, so the texture is inside. The 3D line comes in a clear plastic case with a black base that doubles as a storage stand. They also come with a sachet of Tenga Hole Lotion lubricant so you can try this toy out immediately even if you don’t have more lubricant on hand, but look at the ingredients first if you have any known allergies/sensitivities (Tenga lube is NOT vaginal safe). Tenga products do come with cornstarch powder on them (as do most strokers) and my partner suggests washing the toy 3-4 times with mild soap and cold water before using because this powder makes the toy very tacky to use. Even after the washes it usually takes 1-2 masturbation sessions for the toy to lose all its powder and really feel as good as it can. To use the Tenga 3D line you invert the sleeve so that the texture is on the inside.

My partner is not circumcised, and he describes himself as someone who prefers more subtle textures over extreme and intense ones because his dick gets irritated easily. He chose the Polygon texture specifically because he felt it would likely be the softest of the 3D line.

Tenga Polygon 3D laying on square fidget toys. Shiny aluminum background.

The Polygon design does indeed feel subtle in use, but it’s engrossing in the fact it covers all his most sensitive spots all at once. It’s a stroker that allows him to build up nice and slow, and doesn’t make him feel like he’s going to pop immediately. He’s a fan of edging for a long time so it’s important he has toys in his arsenal that allow for this without leading to friction irritation from long use. He loves the fact that he can use shorter strokes because the Polygon texture is in the entire sleeve of this toy and it stimulates him just as well as a toy he has to do full strokes with for half the effort. For times he’s not masturbating as long he can do fuller strokes and this absolutely increases the intensity and helps him to build to an orgasm faster. The only drawback he has with the full strokes is the very entrance ring area is tighter than the rest of the toy and it can irritate the thinnest parts of his foreskin, if he does it for too long, which is why he chooses the length of his stroke based on the length of his wank sessions.

When my partner inserts his penis into the 3D Polygon it keeps a small pocket of air at the top since it’s a closed-end design. However, since this sleeve is not in a hard plastic case, you can squeeze all the air out to create a tighter suction feel, and increase the sleeves texture intensity. You also can keep the air inside if you want less intensity and basically no suction feeling, just the sensation of something caressing you up and down. Regardless of whether you keep the air in, or squeeze it all out this Tenga is very quiet. My partner is very, very conscious of the noise his sex toys make and he has never been concerned about someone hearing him using this toy. The only time the toy makes even a bit of noise is if you add some water to your lubricant to help reactivate it then it will make a little extra noise, but still not loud enough to be concerned. The way this toy holds lubricant is another reason it makes it one of my partner’s favorite strokers. He has very specific preferences for how his lubricant feels in use, and because this toy keeps all its lube inside it earned a top spot in user frequency for him. A lot of strokers when you are using them the lube oozes around the bottom and ends up pooled around the base of your shaft, but because this toy has a tighter ring when flipped inside out for use almost all of the lube stays inside where you put it. This means less lube use overall because you do not have to add as much extra, and it’s very easy to just spray a little bit of water inside with a spray bottle to reactivate what you put if necessary.

Tenga Polygon 3D laying on square fidget toys. The polygon is inside out, which is how it's meant to be used. Shiny aluminum background.

While this stroker isn’t one that fits from the head of his dick to the base of the shaft, and it won’t be for most people, it is stretchy enough material that you can stretch it to the base. This will put a lot of pressure on the head though which some folks like, and some don’t. The Tenga 3D line is made of their white TPE which is very slightly less tacky than their clear strokers and my partner says that the Polygon material feels just as soft as his Fleshlight material, but because this one isn’t in a case it feels even softer in some ways, to use. Stroking with this toy is easy, it doesn’t bend his penis in any crazy positions and he doesn’t feel like it’s a fight the way some silicone strokers have been. His exact wording is: “this toy does its job without ever getting in your way.”

Now you may be someone who doesn’t own any sex toys and you’re happy with your hand, so I asked my partner what’s the benefit of this stroker versus his hand. He said that your hand leaves a lot of your dick out because of uneven coverage. Your hand may be able to target certain spots and bring you immense joy, but it can’t cover everything at once in most folks’ cases. With the Polygon stroker he says it feels like something melting over his dick in the best way possible. When you’re using your hand everything is more exposed so it also means that your lubrication dries out faster if you’re using a water-based lube, so sometimes the sensation of skin-on-skin contact will start to feel more grippy and dry. When you’re using a stroking sleeve like this your member is covered in a soft material that glides smoothly and effortlessly and stays lubricated easier. I am a big advocate that everyone deserves to feel good and have pleasure in their lives’ and opening yourself up to the world of sex toys can bring you one more avenue for that.

Inside shot of the Tenga Polygon 3D.

Cleaning and drying the Tenga 3D Polygon is exceptionally easy because it can be flipped inside and right side out. Rinse the toy with cold water and your fingers first to remove excess lube and body fluids (semen and lube clean up easier and faster in cool water rather than warm/hot water) and then you use mild soap and warm water to fully clean it, and a lint free cloth or paper towel for drying. My partner also uses BMS Novelties drying rods for drying all his strokers and they work very well and have never caused any issues to any of his toys. The small size of the 3D line also makes it very discreet and easy to transport around for cleaning. Storing the Polygon is easy with the stand that it comes shipped in. Many people will not be able to tell that the Polygon is a stroker just from looking at it so leaving it on your nightstand won’t mean immediate embarrassment if that’s a concern for you in a shared living situation.

TPE is a porous material and therefore cannot ever be fully disinfected so it’s very important that you wash and dry your toys right after using them. Tenga includes what they call a drying stand but I highly suggest drying all your TPE toys before placing them on this stand to prevent any molding. If your sex toys develop any odd smell, discoloration, or mold, stop using them and throw them away. My partner has actually “retired” his Polygon after using it for more than a year because it is not bright white anymore, and TPE products are not designed to last forever, but they can definitely be used repeatedly with good care.

TPE toys are not safe for vaginal use because they are porous and the bacteria they hold can lead to vaginal infection. 

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