Power Flower Satisfyer Review

Power Flower by Satisfyer propped in front of a fake bouquet of flowers.

When I saw the Power Flower Satisfyer I had to try it after falling in love with the Red Hot Ember’s flickering sensations. The Power Flower has not just one, but three flickering stems that I couldn’t wait to test out.   

The Power Flower’s tips are indeed flexible and flickery and the vibrations and patterns are a lot like the Calexotics Ember’s, but Satisfyer’s motors are stronger, so I was intrigued. The three petal design of this toy isn’t super great for me, but I don’t think it’s a complete waste of money for everyone, either. The issue is when I get one petal situated to stimulate my clitoris right the other two irritate my labia and when I’m not irritating my labia my clit isn’t getting what it needs. If I press the toy against my body more so the petals aren’t flickering wildly against my labia then it isn’t so much a flickering toy anymore, just vibrating, and that’s not the function I was hoping for. I was originally thinking that the three petals would be able to envelop my clitoris and send me over the edge with intense flickering but the flickering action aims more outward, rather than inward, and since the petals are spaced quite far apart I just don’t seem to ever find a position that works for very long. 

This toy technically can work for vaginal insertion (it’s not anal safe), but you have to really make sure the petals are lined up right or you’ll end up stabbing yourself. However, it’s not really a toy designed with insertion in mind, so it doesn’t stimulate a whole lot, in my experience. The vibration levels in Satisfyer’s toys are good (especially for their price), mix of rumbly with some buzz but definitely can be felt deeper than skin level so the stimulation is better than surface-level buzz, but it’s not a toy I would recommend as a go-to for vaginal penetration. 

Like I said, this toy isn’t a favorite of mine but I think it definitely has the potential to work really well for others, depending on your needs and body. I think if you like flickering sensations that aren’t pinpoint, laying the petals flat against your clit (or preferred term) could work. I also think this toy could work really well for folks with large clitorises (or preferred term) or folks on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) that have growth. 

My partner also said it’s one of the better vibrators he’s used on his penis, so if you have a penis maybe you should consider the Power Flower. 

The reason this toy worked so well for my partner’s penis is because he can move it for the friction he needs to reach orgasm. All-encompassing vibration sleeves and head-teasing vibrators often don’t have enough room for him to thrust or move the toy around and he can’t have an orgasm from just stationary vibration. However, with the Power Flower he can press the three petals around his glans and between the mixture of flickering and moving the toy around himself he is able to get a lot of pleasure and reach climax. He says the steady vibrations work best for him because the patterns just don’t build his arousal level up enough. His only thing of note is if you’re not fully aroused, or you hold the toy at a teasing distance, the pointed petal ends can feel stabby. 

I think if Satisfyer had made the tips of their Flower more round it would have been an improvement on the overall design, as the pointy petals seem to be more of a source for pain than anything else. One design choice of Satisfyer’s I really like is their looped handles, as they’re easy to hold onto when your hands or the toy are slick with lube, and they help my hand to not cramp, either. 

The Power Flower is made of silicone and ABS plastic and comes in only a red/white combination. It offers USB magnetic charging, is waterproof, and has separate buttons, for up, down, and off so you can avoid having to cycle through every level when you want to change it up. It has 6 steady vibrations, and 6 patterns. It’s very easy to figure out and control, even without looking at any directions. It lasts up to fifty minutes on high, and takes about three and a half hours to charge. Also, from my experience with Satisfyer vibrators, when you turn them on they don’t start at level one, they start at three, so be sure to press the down button a couple times if you want to start at level one. 

Cleaning is easy with mild soap and warm water, just pay a little extra attention to the seam around the silicone of the toy and the handle as fluids can get gunked up there. Remember no silicone lubricant with silicone toys.

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