Pillow Talk Sassy Review

Sassy by Pillow Talk, in the teal color, propped on top of various shades of blue fabric. The background is purple with small floral patterns.

Many folks already know and love the Pillow Talk Sassy, but every time I saw it, or thought about buying one I couldn’t get excited. You know how sometimes you will see a TV advertisement for a product over and over, and you are just sick of hearing about it, without even knowing how it works? That was sort of where I was at with the Sassy. It was nothing personal against it, but it just didn’t interest me. I don’t know why. However, one day I got a coupon that would knock a few dollars off an order from SpectrumBotique, and I decided to finally take the plunge. I have never been so wrong about a toy. 

My feelings of neutrality quickly shot into extreme excitement when I removed the toy from the package and turned it all the way up. Seriously, this thing has an absurd amount of power in it. I know you’ve probably read that before or heard it from someone before and like me, you brushed it off, but seriously, the power. It’s not just strong, it’s a very certain type of rumble that when you hold it in your hands you just know it’s going to feel good. Just looking at its teal body (also comes in pink and purple), and curved shape I really expected a more average toy. The only concern I had left was would the flexible body mean I couldn’t apply enough pressure?

The first thing to surprise me about the Pillow Talk Sassy in use (beyond the power) was the fact I can insert it, and it stays in place on its own. I hate having to hold toys inside me while using something else on my clit because my arms are short and holding a more crunched up position is horrible for my chronic pain. Most often, my preferred way of wanking is a toy I can clench around that I don’t have to constantly hold in place, while I use another toy externally. Many toys miss that mark for me, but not this one. This won’t hold true for every body shape, so don’t bank on this absolutely being the case for you. The next thing that was a really big surprise to me: I got this toy thinking I would mainly use it for G-spot stimulation, but I quickly realized how much I love it nestled against my cervix, with its tip subtly stimulating my general A-Spot area. The power in this thing rumbles most of pubic area, and provides non-poking stimulation to my cervix which is perfect for even the rare times my cervix is more sensitive. I have a love for cervical stimulation, and the stimulation of my vaginal fornices in general because they help me to have blended orgasms (not just external clit), which leave me way more satisfied overall because they feel fuller. Not many toys can achieve the feat of helping me to have blended orgasms, with basically no effort on my part. Despite all this power, this vibrator is rather quiet. Depending on the level of discretion you require in your house you could get away with just muffling the sound with your covers, or turning on some soft music or aTV, if your house is completely silent. 

Now, due to the length of this toy, not everyone will be able to reach their cervix and anterior fornix, as it only has 5 insertable inches (I just insert some of the handle), but it’s still worth it for the G-spot stimulation and overall rumble and power. With the Sassy I can rumble not only my surface G-spot to my heart’s content but I also feel it in all the internal structures of my clitoris, which not many toys can boast about from internal use. The widest point of the Sassy is 1.4 inches, and this is at the head. This width is pretty standard for most insertables and I find it very comfy, but it does not provide a stretched feeling for me personally. The toy has two indentations running down the sides of its firm body, but they don’t do anything for me in use, I don’t feel them. 

The battery life is rated at 1.6 hours on the BMS website, which is ninety-six minutes, on the lowest setting. It lasts close to an hour on high, and unfortunately there’s no low battery warning. Normally, this wouldn’t be enough battery life for me, but because I almost always pair the Sassy with an external clit toy, it has only died on me once before orgasm. I do have to charge my Sassy between each use, but this is okay because it only takes around 1.6 hours to charge so it’s not a toy I have to remember to charge six hours in advance. Using the Sassy as a stand alone tool is good, but pairing it with another toy is when the magic really happens for me. Excellent internal vibration, paired with excellent external stimulation creates the best orgasms for me. Prior to this toy the only toy I could create this great combo with was the Swan Wand. The reason so few toys meet this mark though is because they have to have the right type of vibrations and power to not just be drowned out by whatever I am using externally. This toy is capable of still being felt internally, even when I am using my Eroscillator, or my Zumio on my clit. 

Using this toy by itself, as just a clit vibe is not my preferred method because it’s broad stimulation rather than pinpoint stimulation, but the vibration type and motor are definitely well suited to it. I have used the Sassy as a clit vibe, and it does a good job of making my entire clitoral structure feel loved, and even though it’s not pinpoint it’s a firm toy so I can apply a good amount of pressure. However, when you mix the two facts that it lacks pinpoint stimulation and I often take a long time to reach orgasm, the battery life can be a drawback for me. If you reach orgasm quicker than I do, or don’t need pinpoint stimulation this isn’t likely to be an issue for you. If you are like me but still want to use your Sassy as an external vibrator my suggestion is to use another toy, or your fingers to warm up, and then go in for the kill with the Sassy. Or you know, you can always buy two of them, if you have the extra funds. For a toy of this power, the fact it’s body-safe (silicone and ABS plastic), and rechargeable, it’s priced super well.

The original concern I had about the flexible body ended up not being a problem for me. Rather I’m using the Pillow Talk Sassy internally or externally, the power of the motor makes up for the flexibility I was worried about. I also overestimated how much give it would have anyway. It may not be as unyielding as steel but it isn’t floppy, or as flexible as most silicone dildos, just has a little give. I can apply force to my G-spot or clit and it holds up pretty damn well.

Operating the Sassy is also fairly simple, with one unique design choice that you will mainly only find in PowerBullet motors. It has one button, that’s a gem (fancy fancy) you click once to turn it on and you hold this button down to increase the power, and click once to turn it off. There are no patterns to flip through here, just good vibrations, so if patterns are your jam this probably isn’t the toy for you. This way of operation allows for way more precise levels of power, I think, but the drawback is if you need to go back down in power, you have to turn it off and start over. The Sassy isn’t waterproof, so don’t make any plans to use it in the bathtub; it is water resistant though so cleaning is still easy. It also comes with a small brush to clean all the little nooks on the handle, which I love because I use this little brush to clean many of my other toys, too. It also has a travel lock, click the button 3 times to engage or disengage it.  Some other nice features the company thought to add were a silky storage bag, and a labeled charging cord. Cords with labels are priceless! In this day and age, when everyone has a million and one charging cords for all their different devices (or sex toys in my case) having a clearly labeled ‘Sassy’ tag on the cord is a genius extra step. 

You can get your very own Pillow Talk Sassy at Peepshowtoys, Bettystoybox, or Early2Bed.

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