Ripple by Otouch Review

Ripple by Otouch. A white, ribbed TPE stroker. Two colorful glass eggs are on either side. The background is black, blue, and gray.

I do not have a penis, so all penis toy opinions come from my current partner. The reviews are written by me, based on the thoughts and opinions of my partner. The photos were taken by my partner for this review.

Let me start out by saying my partner is not circumcised and considers his dick to be on the more sensitive end of the spectrum to things like textures and friction. He generally prefers looser stimulation to really tight stimulation because his foreskin gets irritated so easily. All this is to say your mileage may vary, but hopefully these reviews can help you make purchase decisions that work for your body. 

The Ripple by Otouch is made of white TPE, and has an internal orb texture. My partner says it’s a go-to toy for him if he’s skipped a few days without sex and/or masturbation because he knows he will already be more worked up and easily on edge. The Ripple is a roomy toy in its general width, with lots of airy space between the orbs inside. The entrance ring only looks marginally bigger than many of the other strokers he has, but just glancing inside will show you just how much more spacious it appears. If you are someone who struggles to find strokers that can accommodate your girth this toy is worth looking into. The orbs inside are about the size of small marbles, and they’re completely smooth. My partner says that they create an overall pressure on his dick that he can sense really well, and they’re most intense and pleasurable around his head. Since the orbs are smooth and on the bigger side they do not create friction-based texture, and they aren’t irritating. The reason this toy is such a go-to for my partner when he’s already worked up is because it’s so subtle. With more intense strokers he will have to repeatedly stop to back away from his orgasm but with this toy he can continually stroke at his normal pace and longevity without being constantly right at the edge.

A lot of strokers of similar design will trap some air when you insert your penis (or your preferred term) into them, and the Ripple is no exception. However, when you squeeze the air out of this toy it doesn’t create the same tight suction that feels like it’s pulling you into it the way some other strokers can. There is some suction, but just like the texture, it’s a subtle form. The entrance ring doesn’t seal up tight enough to not allow some of your lubricant to leak out, either, and while this would normally be an issue for my partner it’s not with the Ripple. The reason losing some lube is okay with him is because the toy doesn’t suction tight enough to cause irritation if it’s not super wet. That’s not to say just use this toy dry, but my partner says he intentionally uses a bit less lubrication because if there’s too much the toy can feel like you’re just stroking into a smooth chamber of nothing. 

Internal video of the Ripple by Otouch. Please excuse the water, TPE is a lint magnet.

The Ripple doesn’t cover him head to base, and this will be true for others as well, but it’s stretchy enough that you can stroke to your base if that’s something you enjoy. This toy is also discreet in the noise department. You may get little “air burps” upon insertion as you can with most strokers but this toy is basically silent in use. 

Cleaning the Ripple is super easy, and its small size makes it easy to transport to a bathroom wrapped in a towel, or article of clothing, if you need to be discreet. You can turn it inside out for cleaning and drying, but it’s also just as easy to do with it right-side out. Use cool water and just your fingers first to remove as much lube and body fluids as you can because they rinse away easier with cool water rather than warm. Then apply mild soap and use warm water to thoroughly wash the toy all the way. Dry with a lint free cloth (certain paper towels work well for this, too) inside and out before storage. 

The Ripple inside out

TPE is a porous material and therefore cannot ever be fully disinfected so it’s very important that you wash and dry your toys right after using them. Always make sure they’re completely dry before storing them to decrease mold risks. If your sex toys develop any odd smell, discoloration, or mold, stop using them and throw them away. TPE products are not designed to last forever, but they can definitely be used repeatedly with good care. 

TPE toys are not safe for vaginal use because they are porous and the bacteria they hold can lead to vaginal infection. 

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