BMS Essential PowerBullet Review

BMS Essential PowerBullet In teal, surrounded by little glass bottles of decorative glitter

The BMS Essential PowerBullet holds a special place in my heart. The cost of a sex toy can be a huge deciding factor when you’re shopping for yourself or someone else, and it’s often the reason people end up purchasing toys that aren’t body-safe. Money has always been a problem for my family and myself, so I understand this problem very intimately. I have been the person who has purchased toys that weren’t body-safe because money was an issue, and body-safe toys weren’t as affordable or as accessible. One of my big reasons for wanting to start a website was so I could help people find sex toys that would work for their body, would be safe, and wouldn’t waste their money. 

What made me decide to buy the Essential Bullet, beyond the fact it’s affordable, was specifically the PowerBullet technology because it’s known to be rumbly and powerful. I also bought it because despite the fact I had already been buying sex toys for many years before I purchased this bullet four years ago I had somehow never bought one with patterns. I already knew that many people didn’t like patterns and the concept of them didn’t appeal to me but I wanted to gain my own firsthand experience and form my own opinions. So, being the money-conscious person I am, this was the bullet with patterns I decided to give a go. I purchased mine from Peepshowtoys in the teal color, but it’s also available in purple and pink.

The Essential bullet has 4 solid vibrations and 5 patterns and that’s a really impressive number not only for the price tag but also given the fact that many more expensive toys only have 3 solid vibration levels. It most definitely is also rumbly, but it also has some buzz, too. Now you may have heard so many good things about rumbly vibrators that you’re thinking you shouldn’t even look in the direction of a vibrator if it has any buzz, and I’m here to say I think it’s more nuanced than that. If you are new to sex toys, or even if you haven’t tried very many types, you may not fully know what you enjoy. And that’s perfectly okay! There’s also a lot of other factors to consider like your hormones and where you’re at in your monthly cycle if that’s something that pertains to you, as well. Your body may like different types of stimulation at different times of the month, or you may enjoy having multiple orgasms in one session and having a toy with variety can help you with both of these things.

The first 2 settings on the Essential bullet are more rumbly than 3 and 4, and 4 is almost all buzz but it’s quite powerful. What makes a good bullet for many people isn’t just all about is it rumbly or buzzy; the power of the motor and the shape of the bullet also play a large factor. I need power from my toys, so the motor is definitely important, and this bullet didn’t disappoint me. It’s not the strongest bullet I own in terms of sheer power, but it’s far from the weakest, and I definitely need a variety. This motor is strong enough that it stimulates some of the internal structures of my clit and most definitely can be felt more than skin deep. I’m not a big fan of toys that can only be felt on a surface level (no shame if you are) so you can trust that I’m not recommending a weak bullet just because it’s affordable. A big reason I actually love this bullet is because of its mix between rumble and buzz. There are times when my body will tune out a sensation if it’s the same for too long, and I won’t reach orgasm if a toy is nothing but rumble or buzz the whole time. This toy is also quiet, which is a big concern for many people, not just toy newbies. I’ve never worried about someone hearing this bullet even when I’m not muffling it under the covers. 

So, as I said, prior to this bullet I somehow managed to avoid patterns in my clit toys so I didn’t actually know how I felt about them. I purchased this bullet more than 4 years ago and basically all the toys I have bought since have patterns, but this bullet was the first one that helped me to learn that I largely don’t care for patterns. The first pattern is the only pattern that I like somewhat and that’s because it’s just a consistent tapping that doesn’t change in speed or intensity, and I do actually use it sometimes. I do not care for patterns that feel unpredictable, which is how the rest of the patterns feel to me, but there are definitely people out there who do enjoy them, and people who like to use patterns for teasing and edging. 

Now, the one drawback in the Essential bullet for me is the shape; it’s a completely rounded bullet and therefore doesn’t offer any pinpoint stimulation. My preferred stimulation for my clit is most definitely pinpoint stimulation. The stimulation from this bullet isn’t so broad that I can’t reach orgasm, it just doesn’t make it absolutely perfect for me, and that’s okay. If you already have experience with toys and know that you absolutely need pinpoint stimulation to be satisfied, you should probably avoid the Essential bullet, unless you have a vibe sleeve you can use to make it pinpoint. 

Another factor that makes the Essential bullet affordable and convenient is the fact it’s rechargeable, so you don’t have to spend time or money on buying batteries. There are battery operated toys that do cost less than this bullet, but batteries are an extra, recurring cost, and another inconvenience if you don’t have any around. The charge time on this toy is a little over 2 hours and it runs for 2 hours on low, and 30 minutes on the highest setting (4th steady vibration). Some other great features are that it’s made of silky smooth ABS plastic and a silicone button, so it’s entirely body-safe. It’s waterproof which gives you more play options and makes cleaning hassle-free, and it also comes with a hard-zippered case for privacy, easy storage, and keeping up with the charging cord. It also has a travel-lock which is invaluable even if you don’t travel so you don’t have to hunt down a vibrator you’ve accidentally turned on while rummaging through your nightstand. 

I’m not saying the BMS Essential bullet is some magical, golden toy that will cover literally everyone’s needs and provide the perfect orgasm to all, so please don’t think you’ve found “the one vibe to end all vibes forever”, because that doesn’t exist. However, if you’re just now starting to build a body-safe toy collection for yourself, you’re strapped for cash and need to replace a toy that’s recently died, or even if own oodles of toys and just want to add another  to your collection, you should look in the direction of the Essential bullet. I’ve had mine for four years like I said and it still works great and holds a charge like normal. It also makes a great gift for someone if you know they’re okay receiving a sex toy as a gift from you. You can purchase the Essential bullet at Peepshowtoys for $21.99 in all 3 colors (teal, purple, pink)(prices are at the time of writing this).

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