Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen Review

It’s taken me longer to get to this Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen review than I initially planned, because I had a hand/wrist injury that made masturbating very difficult. I purchased my Pulse Queen from AphrodisiaBoutique, and the service was great. My package came in a plain brown box, with no indication of what was inside. The return address simply had the store’s initials for the name, so you do not have to worry about anyone knowing where your package came from. It was well packaged and shipped out very fast, too. I was super excited to get the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen because I have always been very jealous of my partner’s Solo Essential, and wanted to try the PulsePlate on my vulva, but the flatter shape of the old Hot Octopuss model, the Queen Bee, never interested me. 

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen uses PulsePlate technology, which is oscillations rather than vibrations. Two of my favorite toys, the Eroscillator, and the Zumio both use oscillations rather than vibrations, so I am always looking forward to toys that include it. The Pulse Queen’s PulsePlate technology does exactly what it sounds like; it pulses in a thumping, or hammering, motion against your vulva (or your preferred term). It doesn’t move side to side, or in a figure eight shape the way some toys do. It has 9 levels of steady settings, and 7 pattern settings, that are actually adjustable.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen standing up against a black and sparkly background

The Pulse Queen has a 3 button control panel that is fairly easy to operate, and once you mess around with it a couple of times it becomes second nature. The middle button that’s a raised circle turns the toy on, the plus button increases speed, and the minus button decreases speed, and also doubles as the ‘power off’ button, by holding it down long enough. If you want to access the patterns you hit the raised circle button again, and then you can use the + and – buttons to control the pattern intensity, and the circle button to access the different pattern types. I personally love not having to worry about hitting the patterns just by clicking up my speeds when I’m on the steady settings. You can cycle through the steady speeds by pressing the + and – buttons, or you can hold them down to reach your desired level, which I think gives a more nuanced experience. 

When I use the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen for masturbation I have to warm my clit up with my finger, bringing blood flow to it before putting the Pulse Queen to work, despite how gentle it can start off. I love very powerful toys and need a lot of strength to orgasm most of the time, but for some reason if I attempt to start off wanking with no prior warm up the PulsePlate technology makes my clit become stubborn and it decides it will just never get aroused. This isn’t exactly an overwhelmed feeling, but rather an underwhelmed feeling, where my body just isn’t impressed by it really. So prior arousal and blood flow are imperative for a good session for me with this toy. Once my body is ready though, and I set the Pulse Queen against my vulva it thrums deep and steady into my tissue. I don’t linger on the lower settings for long, just enough for my clit and vulva to warm up to the sensations, and then I go to 4 or 5 for a while. Oscillations reliably stimulate all of my deepest tissues, in ways a lot of vibrators just don’t for me. Sliding the mound of the Pulse Queen all around my vulva, especially along my outer lips (labia majora) and on the sides of my vaginal entrance is heavenly. I do not have a single other toy that pulses in the way this one does, simulating a feeling similar to a deep tissue massage.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen lying on a tye dye fabric

The Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen is called a wand, and if it had been traditionally wand shaped I would have passed it up. I like wands for the intense vibrational strength, and the pain relief they can offer me, but if I want to orgasm anytime this century, wands are not my go to. However, since the Pulse Queen is not shaped like a traditional wand, I was willing to give it a go, hoping that the raised mound would help me to bypass the issue I have with traditional wands: not enough pinpoint stimulation. The raised mound of the Pulse Queen does indeed give me a more direct surface to stimulate my clit with, but it’s not pinpoint feeling in its stimulation for me. There are times when I haven’t reached orgasm with the Pulse Queen because even though the toy is powerful, it can occasionally feel too broad for me. The reason my Eroscillator and my Zumio are my absolute go-tos is because they are extraordinarily focused and pinpoint and can provide my picky clit with the EXACT overwhelming sensation it often needs. Now, I do not think the Pulse Queen is a bad toy just because it hasn’t gotten me off 100% of the time; my body is fickle with arousal sometimes and its need for overwhelming, intense stimulation in order to reach an orgasm. If the Pulse Queen had a longer battery life, I would likely be able to get past the need for pinpoint stimulation, and allow the deep, bassy oscillations to bring me over the edge, but unfortunately the toys battery life is rated at up to 40 minutes, and it gives out on me before I reach the point of orgasm sometimes. The battery life on this toy is basically my only real complaint. I’m sure I’m in a small-ish group when I say I would love a corded model so I could use it as long as my heart desires, without concern for the battery life.

Since I do require a lot of strength, and pressure to get me off I was a bit concerned when I bought the Pulse Queen that the PulsePlate may stall when I applied too much pressure, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it holds up very well. I haven’t had the motor completely stall out and stop on me a single time. Now applying a lot of pressure the way I do can muffle the stimulation to a degree, so I do my best to make myself not act like I’m trying to grind my vulva off, using a more gentle hand, but when I am near orgasm that’s just not something I can control. I have to turn the Pulse Queen to the highest levels, 7-9 to reach orgasm, and they do not stall or stop even when I am in my most heavy-handed throes, which is very impressive to me. 

When I do reach orgasm with this toy, which is still rather often, as I said, the quality of orgasms are superb most of the time, and never less than very good. They’re deep, and very drawn out. I can feel them start from the very core of my genitals and radiate outward with an intense pleasure. They do not rip through me with a quick spark that leaves me feeling like it barely happened; rather they slowly take their time and caress every spot through my clit, leaving it very satisfied. Weirdly enough, too, I basically NEVER have to hurry up and turn the level down as I reach orgasm. With most toys, as soon as my orgasm hits about mid peak I have to fumble with controls to hurry up and get the toy turned down so it doesn’t become too powerful and uncomfortably stimulating. With the Pulse Queen something about the oscillations and PulsePlate are just the right mixture to allow me to ride through my entire orgasm on the strongest level, and not feel blasted away by the power level my hormone soaked brain had me turn to. Once my orgasm is finished I can either turn the toy down a couple notches and build back up to another quick orgasm (granted it still has the battery left) or I can pull out another toy and have another, because the Pulse Queen does not desensitize me so much that I can’t feel other forms of stimulation for a while.

View of the back of the Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen, has a 3 button panel

There are 7 patterns, and some are adjustable! I am not really a pattern user, for actually reaching orgasm, but sometimes I do enjoy using patterns on my toys for warming up. I always say though that all patterns should be adjustable in intensity the way steady modes are, because if all patterns start out at max intensity then it can make switching to steady modes difficult. Or they can be too intense to use for warm up, or at points in the masturbation session when you haven’t built up to that intensity. The variety in the patterns is also nice, and the patterns feel better to me than some toys do because they’re not as sharp in their changes. Again, I haven’t used the patterns a single time for reaching orgasm, but they’re fun to start off with sometimes.

When I am using the Pulse Queen, the lower and mid levels are quiet, to mostly quiet, but as I reach the high levels, like 7 and above, the toy feels louder to me. However, when I test if I can hear the toy standing outside of my bedroom, turned up the highest level, I have to basically press my ear to the door to hear it, and even then it sounds rather faint. When you’re in the room with it, it feels loud and a bit obvious, but the frequency of its noise isn’t as perceptible outside of the room as you think. So long as you have music, a sound machine, TV, or a fan turned on in your room, there is very little chance someone is going to know you’re masturbating, even if they’re too nosy.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen face down on a tye dye fabric, the crown logo can be seen

Overall, I really enjoy my Pulse Queen, and the quality of orgasms it gives me. I know it won’t replace my Eroscillator or Zumio for my top spots, but it’s definitely a toy that I will continue to use beyond reviewing it. 

The Pulse Queen is rated as waterproof, but I’m not really one to masturbate in the tub or shower, ever, so I can’t say how it does in those scenarios. I do like when my toys are waterproof though for ease of cleaning, because it’s just less stress. Cleaning is fairly straightforward, just ensure you clean the brand name, and logo off well since fluids will build around them, and be gentle around the PulsePlate since that silicone has nothing solid directly behind it. There is also an ABS plastic plate on the back, where the control buttons are, so ensure you clean well around the seam of the panel and the buttons themselves. The toy is also entirely body safe, being made of silicone and ABS plastic, so no worries there. Hot Octopuss also has a one year warranty on all of their products, and their customer service when I had to use the warranty on a different toy was great, and I got the replacement without any hassle. 

If you want to get your hands on your very own Hot Octopuss Pulse Queen I seriously recommend picking yours up at AphrodisaBoutique, where I purchased mine. They were kind enough to set me up with an affiliate account, as well, so if you want a 10% discount on the Pulse Queen or anything else your heart desires you can use my code SOMEQUEER

*Affiliate links were used in this post. All writings and opinions are my own.

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