Why I Won’t be Using Awkward Essentials Dripstick Again

Pile of Awkward Essentials Dripsticks in sterile packages

The Awkward Essentials Dripstick was a dream come true for me. I have always been the sort of person who can’t handle sticky, wet, or thick things on my skin. I hate lotions that are too thick and linger, and I always have to wash off immediately when something touches me that wasn’t meant to. So you can imagine that after-sex fluids aren’t something I’m super fond of. Throughout my sexually active years I found ways to manage this that didn’t involve having to shower immediately after every time, because that’s usually energy I don’t have right then. However, I would still often fantasize about a sponge, or something that I could just shove up my vagina to absorb everything and be done with it.

I also am someone who unfortunately dealt with an allergic reaction to my partner’s semen for a while, and while that no longer is an issue, during the time it was I always wished there was a better way to deal with it. I have not been fluid bonded with anyone else before, so I don’t know if it’s an overall allergy to semen, or just my current partner, but after years of being fluid bonded my body doesn’t react to it. Now you may wonder why I didn’t just stick to using condoms if a semen allergy was an issue, and it’s because I just have an incredibly fucking sensitive vagina in general, I guess. I am allergic to latex, and the lube used on non-latex condoms also kept causing disruption to my vaginal microbiome, leading to infections. Now I could have hunted down non-lubricated, non-latex condoms but I am stubborn and cheap, and I didn’t want to use or buy condoms forever and ever. Anyway, that’s a story for another time. Needless to say, I was REALLY interested in the Awkward Essentials Dripstick, so imagine my disappointment when they caused issues for me.

Awkward Essentials Dripstick 12 count bag

Awkward Essentials Dripsticks come in a variety of pack sizes, and they’re individually wrapped medical sponges on a stick. The individually wrapped aspect is super important for hygienic reasons, of course. The package is also perfect for sticking the fluid covered sponge back into when you’re finished for disposal, so long as you don’t rip it open all the way. I was worried that the sponge would feel rough and abrasive after all the friction of sex, but it is on the softer side and didn’t feel irritating at all. The sponge did a super great job of absorbing the semen inside me without making my vaginal canal feel like it was as dry as the desert, either. I was wondering how well a sponge would be able to balance drying you out without making you TOO dry, so it was nice to find that they had somehow achieved that balance. After using what I was convinced was little magic on a stick I went pee as usual (super important post-sex, always do it) and I carried on with my day, blissfully ignorant about what was to come. 

About 36 hours later I go pee, and immediately know I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) starting. I unfortunately am no stranger to UTI’s; thankfully I do not get them so frequently they’re considered chronic for me, but I know without a doubt when one is starting. So I take the usual route of antibiotics, endless water, pain, and trips to the bathroom. The idea that the Dripstick somehow had something to do with it briefly crosses my mind, but I dismiss it because after all I do get UTI’s sometimes, despite following every drop of advice you’re supposed to in regards to avoiding them. So the UTI clears up, and I go back to my regular life.

Awkward Essentials Dripstick in sterile single package

I don’t use any Awkward Essential Dripsticks during my UTI or a week or so after because like I already stated, I am cheap, so I plan to save them for times when things feel super messy. This time comes along, and I use another. Same great experience; I am fascinated with putting them in the package and squeezing to see how much fluid it looks like it absorbed. Really wish I had the hindsight to snap a picture of it at some point, but I question if maybe that’s too much. I monitor myself the next couple days, and all is well, no UTI. So I’m convinced it had to be a fluke. 

Since I have been lulled into a false sense of security, I use another Dripstick a few days later. The very next morning, I felt the start of a UTI. Now it’s important to note I have been cleared of the previous UTI, and the bacteria present was so small with the first one the doctor was surprised I could even feel it. At this point I seriously suspect that the Dripstick is part of the issue, but I don’t want to give them up, either. I convince myself it’s gotta be a weird coincidence, and after clearing up the second UTI I wait a couple more weeks and then tentatively use a fourth Awkward Essentials Dripstick. 

Two days later…UTI. At this point, I can’t deny that the Dripstick, more often than not, leads to a UTI for me. As far as the actual product and design goes, I really like them. I won’t deny that I think they’re overpriced, but they’re great at their job.

Pile of Awkward Essentials Dripsticks in sterile single packages

I am not saying that every single person who uses the Awkward Essentials Dripstick is going to get a UTI. I think that for many people they will work just fine and they’ll never have any issues, but I’m talking about it because I also doubt I am going to be the only person ever. I still took every precaution against UTI’s that I always do while using the Dripsticks, and I always went pee after using them, not before. This could be an anatomy shape issue. My urethra does get rubbed against, and pushed into my vaginal canal anytime I insert anything, and I know not everyone’s does. I can’t tell you exactly what it is about the Awkward Essentials Dripstick that caused me to get a UTI 3 out of the 4 times I used one, but I can say I hadn’t had one in over a year before, and I haven’t had one in the 3 months since I stopped using them.

So while I may not know the exact reason why, I definitely hate UTI’s way too much to keep experimenting with Dripsticks and risking it. I will just stick to wiping off after sex with a clean cloth and dealing with the small amount of fluid mess that comes with sex because it’s nowhere near as bad as UTI’s. I wanted to like Awkward Essentials Dripstick, I REALLY did, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be for me.

I’m not going to tell you what’s best for you though, because we all know our own body best. So, if you think Awkward Essentials Dripstick is a good fit for you and you’d still like to try some out, even with my cautionary tale, you can purchase them from PeepshowToys or at BettysToyBox.

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