Tenga Puffy Sugar White Review

The Tenga Puffy Sugar White is part of a 3 product line also containing the “Latte Brown” and “Mint Green” varieties. These names pertain to the color, but also the internal texture is different within each stroker. My partner bought the Sugar White because it was the most different from the other Tenga strokers he owns, containing what looks like a very subtle texture. Like all Tenga strokers this one comes with a sachet of their lube; this lube is not safe for vaginal use, and I suggest reading the ingredients list to ensure you don’t have any allergies or sensitivities to the ingredients before use. 

As I’ve said before, and I’ll say again, Tenga does a great job at making strokers that don’t feel super “gendered” or aimed at specific people (beyond some gendered language on their websites) and the Puffy line is no exception, either. I have nothing against strokers that portray specific genitals, but the fact remains that not everyone wants that when they’re buying a toy, so I appreciate diversity. Some folks just feel weird using a sex toy that looks like a human body part, so non-realistic options are needed. It also helps with the subtlety aspect and being discreet for many people.

Tenga Puffy Sugar White standing up, both caps on.

The Tenga Puffy Sugar White internal texture is described as delicate micronubs by Tenga themselves, and since my partner enjoys larger nubs so much he wanted to see how they’d feel on such a small scale. He calls this stroker “the marshmallow” because he says it’s like sliding your dick into a soft marshmallow in the way it molds around you and coats absolutely everything. He said that while the texture looks very simple and almost nonexistent, looks are very deceiving in this case. The narrow chamber, with a center ring that protrudes gently to keep the tunnel from being completely straight, contains no air pockets or chambers. The texture envelops his dick entirely, coating him from every angle, with textured stimulation. Other strokers that have larger nubs create a similar sensation of the enveloping, all around pleasure, but there are still pockets of air where you feel the loss of contact. With the Tenga Puffy Sugar White there are zero points where there’s a loss of contact. The texture completely wraps around, and consumes every single millimeter of your penis (or your preferred term) that you have inserted into the toy. He said points on his foreskin that normally don’t receive a lot of contact from other strokers are stimulated by this toy’s chamber. When I asked him what the texture felt like he said the weird thing is it doesn’t have detailed spots he can describe the way he can with end orbs or texture chambers, but the entire sleeve creates a good friction that is extremely stimulating. 

My partner says if you’re someone who is on the more sensitive side, like you get overstimulated easily, you will want to make sure you’re warmed up before sliding into this toy, because the micronub’s intense friction sensation can be overstimulating sometimes. If you do enjoy overstimulating yourself, with ever-so-slightly uncomfortable stimulation this toy can be a good one to use, since it’s not actually intense enough to cause friction irritation that lasts outside of your session. So if you, or your partner likes to engage in a little bit of fun “torture” this stroker may be one to look into. 

Normally my partner wouldn’t enjoy such a narrow chamber from a stroker because his dick is above average size in both girth and length, but because the material of the Tenga Puffy is so squishy and accommodating it doesn’t squeeze him to the point of being uncomfortable. Many strokers that come in a case are hard for him to use because they’re too tight, but the soft silicone cover on this stroker is very different from a hard plastic case. The internal chamber, that’s made of TPE, also has a lot of give, and stretches to accommodate him perfectly.

Internal Texture Shot for Tenga Puffy Sugar White
Internal Texture Shot

The squishy silicone case does mean that you can also make the toy feel tighter, or more intense. My partner doesn’t have “death grip” issues but he says he’s noticed even slight hand-pressure changing is very noticeable in use. Some people prefer masturbators in hard plastic cases so they feel more removed from their hand while masturbating, and some prefer soft sleeves so they can easily vary the pressure themselves. We both feel the Tenga Puffy is a good middle ground for this. The thick wall allows you to feel removed from your hand, but you can still influence the pressure stimulation while using it. 

If you’ve read any of my other reviews on penis toys you know that my current partner has very specific lube preferences for his stroker, and the Tenga Puffy Sugar White is no different. His usual advice of running water through the unit before you begin applies, and he says apply the lube at both ends. Some strokers are easy and the lube distributes itself quite naturally without much work from you, but that isn’t the case here. The tiny texture means that you have to twist the toy around with your penis (or preferred term) inside, which helps to really distribute the lubricant everywhere. On the note of using the Tenga Puffy to overstimulate yourself, and create that intense sensation of “it’s almost too much”, this is where it can excel. If you don’t have enough lube, or it’s not coating everything just right you can really “torture” yourself. However, if you’re not into that sensation, or you actually just don’t have enough lube the micronubs can’t feel very grating and uncomfortable. 

What lubrication you like will vary, rather you prefer a thinner or thicker lube, but do not use silicone lubricant with this toy since you can ruin the silicone covering. Also do not use oil-based lube with TPE material. Water-based lube is your safest option for the toy’s material.

Tenga Puffy Sugar White, a stroker, laying on a fuzzy white material, soft warm lights surround it.

My partner stresses the importance of having his lube feeling just right before he puts the end cap on, because otherwise the suction can feel overwhelming in an uncomfortable way for him. He says the end cap really doesn’t make much of a difference in actual feeling so long as the lube situation is right, but if he puts it on before that it’s just not pleasant for him. He also says the end cap is great for helping the lube to not dry out, too. The end cap’s actual design is also really well thought-out in my opinion. There is a small pillow of the TPE material on the end cap so once it’s in place the head of your penis (or preferred term) won’t just be smacking into plastic. 

In terms of noise, and discretion while using the Tenga Puffy Sugar White it is one of the most silent strokers my partner has. Since my partner’s dick is bigger than the average size he doesn’t have the ability to squeeze basically any air out while using this toy, so for him there isn’t any wheezing sound. Depending on your size, you may have some of the quiet wheezing sound while using the Tenga Puffy, but it’s not a high pitch whistle, or more obnoxious noise the way some strokers are. The lack of air pockets and internal chambers also means no air popping noises, or squelches that other strokers sometimes have either.

Tenga Puffy Sugar White on a white fuzzy material, the end cap is propped on the side.

Storage is made simple for the Tenga Puffy Sugar White since you can just put both caps on and it’s protected. Once the unit is fully assembled it’s also not obvious that it’s a sex toy, if you’re concerned about discretion. Since the outside is covered in silicone it is important you do not store it touching other TPE strokers, as it can damage both items. 

Cleaning the Tenga Puffy is easy, since you can remove both caps, which allows water and mild soap to flow through. The sleeve does not remove from the silicone and plastic casing. There are ridges at the entrance and exit that you will need to make sure you remove all body fluids and lubrication from, too. When choosing a soap to clean your Tenga strokers use something mild, and preferably unscented.

The backend of the Tenga Puffy Sugar White. This is the non-penetrative end.
Bottom/Back end of the stroker. Non-penetrative side.

Drying the Tenga Puffy is another story, and not as easy as the cleaning. The chamber is simple enough to dry since it’s basically just a straight shot, but you need to dry the gear-shaped ridges at the entrance and exit since water stays in them. Also, the entrance and exit where the plastic and TPE material meet is where it can get tricky. Since the sleeve does not remove from the case you will have to get a soft, lint-free cloth, or a paper towel and gently press it all around these areas. You need to be gentle so you don’t accidentally make the stroker separate from the plastic casing, but water gets trapped badly in these areas. The end cap with its little “pillow” also needs a bit of extra attention when drying, but it’s relatively easy. The entrance cap doubles as a drying stand, and if you look on the stroker unit itself you will see the words “DRYING” and “LOCKED” etched into it, denoting how you’re meant to prop it into the cap for drying. I love that Tenga always finds a way to make the toy into its own drying unit, but I definitely suggest you dry out the areas I talked about separately because the material is flush to the plastic, and the water just stays there. 

If you think you’d enjoy your own Tenga Puffy Sugar White you can buy one from BettysToyBox.

I do not have a penis, so all penis toy opinions come from my current partner. The reviews are written by me, based on the thoughts and opinions of myself and my partner. 

*Affiliate links were used in this post. All writings and opinions are my own.

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