Freaks Bigfoot Fleshlight Review

Freaks Bigfoot Fleshlight on a leaf background, with fake leaves beside it.

The Freaks Bigfoot Fleshlight is part of their Freaks line, which has strokers and silicone dildos. My partner gravitated toward the Bigfoot specifically because of the appearance, and the fact it’s based on a Cryptid. Not many strokers feature really large labia, so it’s unique, and fills a niche that many other companies aren’t filling. He also really loves Cryptids and monsters, and was just really into the fantasy of a large, female Bigfoot creature. The second reason my partner chose the Bigfoot stroker was because of the internal texture. For those of you that have the S.T.U. Fleshlight, the internal textures are very similar, the Bigfoot just has larger nubs.

My partner suggests that when you receive your Fleshlight, no matter which model, wash it a few times to try and get all the renewing powder (cornstarch) off that you can, because it will change the feeling while in use. Per Fleshlight’s instructions, remember to just wash with water; they do not suggest the use of soap with their products. Keep in mind it will probably take 1-2 uses before all the renewing powder is gone even with washing though.

Since my partner does have an S.T.U. Fleshlight he was already pretty sure he’d enjoy the internal sleeve of the Bigfoot, but he was still curious to find out how it differed. The internal tunnel of the sleeve is a straight through one, without any chambers or texture changes. The bigger nubs do make a difference, creating an overall more snug sensation. My partner specified this is not really a tighter sensation, just that the nubs can be felt more distinctly adding pressure uniformly on his entire dick. He really enjoys the fact there aren’t chambers or texture changes because it’s very easy to stroke through the entire sleeve without accommodating for any parts being too stimulating, or catching weirdly. Certain Fleshlights he has to warm up more for, making sure he’s more erect and aroused before using them because their sensations can be a bit overwhelming, but with the Bigfoot he can just pick it up and go, no fuss. This also works in the reverse way. If he’s already super horny and has that on-edge feeling, this sleeve works because he doesn’t have to worry about hitting a chamber with more intense sensations, or a tighter suction that is going to push him over. 

My partner is not circumcised and he has self-proclaimed he has a sensitive penis, so extreme textures most definitely aren’t always his thing. This isn’t to say that the stimulation and sensations of the Bigfoot aren’t still intense, because they are, it just isn’t a sleeve that’s likely to cause any friction irritation to his foreskin. The entire chamber is filled with the nubs, so no matter how shallow or deeply you’re stroking with this toy you’re going to be receiving the same, intense stimulation to your penis (or your preferred term). One of the biggest benefits to these types of sleeves is it doesn’t matter what size your penis (or your preferred term) is, because you will get to experience everything the sleeve has to offer.

My partner enjoys the fact that the labia can be felt while in use, because with his other Fleshlight’s he hasn’t really noticed the labia one way or the other while using them. When he pushes the stroker all the way to the base of his dick he can feel the labia against him, adding to the fantasy more. The labia is still super soft and squishy, just like the rest of the TPE material of the toy, so it doesn’t get in the way in any fashion, but it is noticeable for him. The flesh-colored TPE used for the Bigfoot model is the same they use for many of their other models and therefore contains the same great qualities, such as the squish, stretchiness and soft feeling.

My partner is very particular about his lubrication needs and preferences within strokers, and the Bigfoot is one of the easier ones in this department. Normally he has specific lubes for specific strokers but with the Freaks Bigfoot Fleshlight he isn’t picky. Rather it’s a more thin lube, or a more thick lube, they both work just as good. Since there are no chambers or pockets for lube to get trapped in, and it doesn’t ooze out while in use, he doesn’t have to keep adding lube during use. He recommends with all Fleshlights that you run water through them prior to use, to help distribute your lubrication more easily, because it just makes for a better experience.

Sound is another important aspect for my partner. If a toy is too loud during use he has a hard time using it because it pulls him out of the moment, and it’s all he can really focus on. Luckily, the Freaks Bigfoot Fleshlight is basically silent in use, no matter where he adjusts the end cap to. Fleshlights that come in this style of case have an end cap that can be opened to varying degrees, to adjust the level of suction to your preference. Depending on the model of sleeve though, this can make a big difference in the sound aspect during use, because of how air exits the sleeve. My partner uses the end cap on the Bigfoot almost all the way closed, to about midway open, depending on his suction preference that day, but no matter how tight or loose he has it, it’s basically silent.

The Fleshlight case for the Bigfoot model is the standard plastic case, meant to resemble a large flashlight. There is nothing fancy or different about it, signifying that it belongs to the Freaks’ collection. My partner likes the shape of these cases, they’re easy to hold onto for him. They are a bit heavy, so if you have hand or wrist issues the full-sized Fleshlights may be cumbersome for you, but they also make some smaller models that don’t have the bulky case. The hard shell also means you don’t have to worry about influencing the tightness of the toy with your grip. For some people, the lack of influence from their hand also helps them to fantasize easier, because they feel more removed from the masturbating experience. The case that came with my partner’s Bigfoot model had rough edges around the top, and around the ring where the sleeve sits. It looked like they didn’t take the time to smooth it out properly at the factory. My partner has bought five Fleshlights, four of them in this style of case, and this is the first time he’s received a case like this. I’m not sure if it was just a fluke, or if perhaps because the Freaks collection is sold more as a seasonal item the case was a bit rushed, but it isn’t the standard. He sanded these sharp pieces of plastic down with a dremel because he didn’t want the risk of cutting himself, or the TPE sleeve on them. He didn’t feel it was worth contacting Fleshlight over since he could handle it himself, and there was nothing wrong with the sleeve, or the function overall.

Cleaning the Freaks Bigfoot Fleshlight sleeve is easy since it is just a straight through tunnel, and doesn’t have any pockets for lube or body fluids to get trapped. It’s important to wash and dry your Fleshlight thoroughly as soon as you’re finished using it to keep it hygienic, avoid mold, and ensure longevity. Fleshlight has a thorough cleaning manual if you’re interested in reading that, but the main things to remember: wash well with just water NO SOAP on the sleeve, and dry it completely before storage. You can use soap on the case, which needs to be washed too because it will get lube and possibly body fluids in it. You can use a towel to dry the case completely, inside and out, and don’t forget the caps. As far as drying the sleeve itself, Fleshlight offers different options, but my partner uses a drying rod for the inside and a soft towel for the outside. These rods are made of diatomaceous earth and he uses them with all of his strokers, and it has never damaged any of them. My partner doesn’t bother to use cornstarch on his Fleshlights for storage because uses them frequently enough and he hates the draggy feeling cornstarch creates, but if you’re not going to be using your Fleshlights for a while it’s suggested you cornstarch them for storage. 

I do not have a penis, so all penis toy opinions come from my current partner. The reviews are written by me, based on the thoughts and opinions of myself and my partner. 

*Affiliate links were used in this post. All writings and opinions are my own.

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