Womanizer Starlet 2 Review

Womanizer Starlet 2 surrounded by fidget toys

I bought the Womanizer Starlet 2 from Lovehoney, because I was on an air pulse toys kick, and Lovehoney had a really good sale going. Womanizer is often considered the gold standard for air pulse/air pressure/pleasure air toys, and I wanted to see for myself how it stacked up to the couple other brands I already owned. There is a Womanizer Starlet 1, 2, and 3 but the 2 is all I own, so I cannot compare it to the previous version, or its successor. 

Now, let me start right off by saying the Womanizer Starlet 2 has a 30 minute battery life, and if I had been paying attention to anything beyond how cheap it was, I may have skipped it for that reason alone. I often take a long time to reach orgasm, and having a proverbial clock over my head, knowing that the battery is going to run out in just 30 minutes has been extremely stressful for me with testing this toy. Air pleasure technology also already isn’t as reliable for me as other sex toys, because they’re contactless, and my clit really does like pressure. However, after playing with it for over three months, I’ve finally figured this toy out, for my needs.

When my Starlet 2 arrived the first thing I was very surprised about was how lightweight it is; it’s the lightest air technology toy I own. I really love just how light it is because it’s super easier to hold, and my fingers and wrists don’t get any fatigue from it. Its body is made of plastic, and the nozzle for the head is silicone, and it removes for easier, more hygienic washing. The Starlet 2 has 4 modes of Womanizer’s air pleasure technology, and no vibration. It also has dedicated + and – buttons to turn the toy up and down, and I personally feel like dedicated buttons should be a standard. After I orgasm I have to quickly turn the toy all the way back down because it’s way too over stimulating. When toys don’t have separate up/down buttons I’m stuck just pulling the toy from my body, which can sometimes lead to a partially ruined orgasm, or at least an orgasm that’s not as satisfying as it could have been. 

The long oval shape of the Starlet 2 is well-suited to my body, and I like the fact it means I can encapsulate the head of my clitoris, and a tiny bit of the shaft, or I can put more focus on just the shaft. The shape is better suited to me than some of the other air pulse toys I have tried out. The narrowness of the oval shape also helps the toy to focus on my clitoris and not excess labia. I don’t have a fully buried clit but I do have a lot of tissue surrounding it so sometimes my labia minora will get more of a toy’s focus than my clit does. 

The actual motor of the Womanizer Starlet 2 is good, and starts off stronger than any of the Satisfyer air pulse toys I have tried out. Satisfyer always starts out too gentle for me so I don’t even bother with the first four levels, but with the Womanizer Starlet 2 my clit can actually perceive the first setting. If you’re someone who only enjoys the more gentle settings on your Satisfyers and you never make it past level 4, then the Starlet 2 may be a bit too strong for you. As I make my way through the next three settings they feel very natural in progression. I can feel the sensation through my entire external clitoris, like a careful massage to the sensitive nerves. The sensation doesn’t penetrate to the deep, internal tissues the way a traditional vibrator can for me, but the sensations are very focused in a more tight bundle. Air pleasure technology does have a pinpoint sensation aspect to it that I can really enjoy, but if I’m not aroused enough the lack of any physical contact can make reaching an orgasm hard for me. The first two settings have more of a thuddy and slow sensation, and settings 3 and 4 have a higher and faster rhythm feel to them.

Now, part of the trick of making the Starlet 2 work for me is only using it on days when I am already more horny. I cannot grab this toy up and just expect to eventually get into the groove. The next thing is putting quite a bit of lube before I even begin; I put some directly on my vulva, and I put some around the entire silicone ridge. My body struggles to produce enough of my own juices, so this will vary person-to-person but lube is basically always a must for me with any sexual activity. Having the right mindset going in also helps. I need to want to have more of a quickie with myself, a desire to get off fast, like right now. Once all of these factors are in place I turn the toy on, making micro adjustments over my clit until the air pleasure technology feels just right. Here’s the part that took me the most time to learn and figure out: I can only spend about 5-6 minutes on each setting, and then have about 12-15 minutes with the final setting to reach orgasm. I know this sounds like a very scheduled way of masturbating, and it is, but that’s why I said all the right things have to fall into place for it. If I am aroused enough, and already in the mood for more immediate relief, this scheduled routine works out very well for me. It delivers a strong orgasm that I can be satisfied with if I need to move on with my day, or I can choose to grab out another toy and have another 1-2 orgasms if I have the time. It can also be really good if I just need to have a quick orgasm to help me sleep, since I’m usually not wanting to spend too much time on it. I think most of us have used the method of that bedtime wank to help us finally get to sleep when we’ve already been struggling to fall asleep for a while. 

Now I won’t lie and say that the pressure of the time limit never gets to me and makes me too anxious to reach orgasm, because it has. However, not every masturbation session has to be orgasm oriented, and the stimulation that the Womanizer Starlet 2 delivers still feels really good even if I can’t reach climax. Also, I do have a large enough toy collection that I can just reach for a new toy if I do want to have an orgasm and the Starlet 2 is out of battery, so this isn’t a dealbreaker for me. I realize not everyone has a backup toy to depend on though, so you may not want to consider the Starlet 2 as your first sex toy, unless you’re okay with the short battery life. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase because I got it on sale. If I had paid the full $80 for this toy I would definitely be a bit annoyed, but because I got it almost half off I definitely think it was worth it. So if you’re reading this review because you too have found a Womanizer Starlet 2 on sale and you’re wondering if it is worth it, my answer would be yes, so long as the short battery life isn’t a problem for you.

Even though the battery only runs for 30 minutes it also only takes 30 minutes to charge, so that softened the blow for me, somewhat. It charges using magnetic pins, and the connection is pretty strong. A light blinks to let you know it’s charging and turns solid once it’s finished. Always let your sex toys cool down after use before plugging them up to charge though, or you risk shortening the battery’s ability to hold a full charge. The Womanizer Starlet 2 is waterproof which I always like for easier cleaning purposes, but the instruction manual says do not rinse under running water, it’s meant to be submerged for cleaning. I assume this is because they’re worried the pressure of the water could get in somewhere. When cleaning make sure you pay attention to the buttons since lube and fluids can get gunked up on and around them. Since the Womanizer Starlet 2 is waterproof you can use it in the bathtub, but if you’re going to use it in the shower you’d need to be careful about that whole running water ordeal. Like I said earlier, the silicone nozzle comes off the body of the toy so cleaning it is super easy and you could rinse it itself under running water with no issue. Dry the toy and the silicone nozzle with a soft cloth, or a tissue before putting back together, or just shake as much excess water out as you can and leave apart to air dry. Womanizer also offers a 5 year warranty on their toys, which is exceptional.

If you’d like to get purchase your own Starlet 2 you can get one from Womanizer.

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