Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 Review

Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 in lilac with liquid air cap attached, and classic air pulse cap resting on top. The toy is sitting in a shiny black decor piece.

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 is the third of its generation, just as the name implies, but it’s the first variation that I’ve owned. Therefore, I can’t directly compare it to the old versions, but I do own other air pulse toys and maybe I can help you decide if the Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 should also be your first from this line. The Pro 2 Gen 3 comes in two variations, one with Bluetooth technology and app, and one without. Both variations come in 3 colors: red, purple, and black. I own the purple, which is a shade of lilac. The main differences between the Gen 3 and its previous generations is this one has two caps, and it’s fully silicone, whereas the body on the older models is plastic. It also has a vibration motor, which can be run independently and separate from the Air Pulse motor; the Pro 2+ had vibration but the Pro 2 Gen 2 did not. This review is going to be long because there’s so much to cover, but I gave each section a heading so it’s easier to navigate. 

Liquid Air Cap

The new cap is for what Satisfyer is calling Liquid Air Tech, and it’s meant to imitate the feeling of water flowing over your genitals. While I have tested what the shower and bathtub faucet are capable of I’m not one to use them for masturbating because I’m too worried about wasting hot water and when you live in a house with one bathroom you don’t really have time to dally in there. So with my limited experience I will say that the sensation has some similarities, but it’s definitely not exact in my opinion. Now, the first time I used the Liquid Air cap I didn’t think it was going to work for me because it didn’t feel like it was really doing much. However, I am really dedicated to making sure I am reviewing toys as fairly and honestly as possible so I kept trying it. While sex toys do not permanently desensitize you, numb you, or make you unable to receive pleasure from a human, despite this myth persevering, if you get into the habit of masturbating one way your body can become more accustomed to that style of stimulation. This is true of just hand masturbation too. It’s why there is the term “death grip”, and if you train your body to repeatedly respond to one style of stimulation than when you’re trying to change it up it can be difficult at first. Normally, I use a lot of pressure when I am masturbating, rather with my fingers or a toy, I press quite hard, and you can’t press down with the Liquid Air cap because it will ruin the sensation. 

So after using the Liquid Air cap a handful of times my body adjusted to the different style of stimulation and I started really getting the best out of it. I start out on the 5th setting because my body really cannot perceive the first four settings because they’re so gentle, but I think it’s great that Satisfyer includes such gentle settings because it makes their toys enjoyable for a more broad range of people. There are 11 settings for you to use with the Liquid Air cap, and I regularly use 5-9. I reserve 10 and 11 to reach orgasm if I’m having a hard time, but they’re pulsing so fast they sometimes end up feeling like a super buzzy vibe rather than the tapping sensation. The stimulation feels like a super flurry of gentle tapping against my clit, and it actually feels pinpoint to me. While I call it gentle tapping, I do not mean gentle as in weak, I just mean gentle in pressure, as the actual sensation can be quite intense. The Liquid Air cap doesn’t require any warm up on my part either; I can put some lube on the cap and press it right to my clit without any discomfort. Almost immediately I can feel my clit engorging with blood, and the sensations just get better from there. 

Once I’m more aroused and I put a dildo in, the tapping sensation pushes to a new level. My genitals get that tingly flushed feeling and I’m quickly soaked in no time. Well, at least on the days when my body is producing its own fluids. For me personally, I get the absolute best sensation from this toy when I pair it with a dildo. Using a dildo helps splay my labia open, and gives the tapping cap the best access to the sensitive underside of my clit, since it’s more fully exposed. If your clit (or preferred term) is already more exposed than mine this may change for you. This works best with a dildo that’s average or smaller, as the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 does have a bit of bulk to it, and it can be difficult to fit alongside a bigger toy. 

As my body works through its levels of arousal I turn the setting up, pushing myself higher and higher. Sometimes I like to turn the vibration mode on, but I have found that the 9th vibration setting, which is actually a pattern, is the only vibration setting that works with the Liquid Air cap, for me. This pattern is its own quick fluttering and it accentuates the tapping sensation that the cap is already providing. When I have tried to use the steady vibrations I don’t feel they really add anything to the tapping, and if anything they take away. Personally, I can barely feel them and they only feel like they’re adding a tiny bit of surface buzz on my labia. For the most part, I don’t bother with any vibration, because the Liquid Air cap is the star all on its own. Now, despite how great all of this sounds, I cannot orgasm from the Liquid Air cap reliably. When it works, it’s really fucking great, but there have been plenty of testing sessions where, despite no matter how hard I work, I cannot reach an orgasm. Does it make me like the toy any less? No. I really do enjoy the stimulation that I get from this Liquid Air cap, because it truly is different from any other toy I own, and it makes my clit tingle in a rare way. However, it’s just not enough to always push me over that edge every time.

Classic Air Pulse Cap

Air pulse technology is not the most reliable for my body, and I do have to be very specific in the days that I use it. While I am horny a lot of the month, the level of intensity does vary (as it does for most people), and I have to use air pulse toys on days when the intensity of my libido is higher. The sensations that air pulse toys give me can be very arousing to my genitals, and it can feel great, but if my libido isn’t high enough they won’t bring me to orgasm. If my libido is too low my body has a difficult time feeling their sensations in general, and I won’t even really become aroused, just annoyed. I’m letting you know this so that you have all the information to understand where I’m coming from and you know how to best compare your body to mine. 

Now, onto the original style cap. If you own any other Air Pulse toy, you know the general sensation that this type of technology provides. If you’ve never tried out this type of technology though let me try to explain it a bit. Each company calls it something different but it’s a sort of rhythmic air fluttering, that can create a gentle suction-like sensation, or an all encompassing thuddy sensation on your clitoris (or preferred term), and many folks compare it to the sensation of oral sex. Now personally, I can see where these comparisons do come in, but the lack of actual contact on my clit keeps it from feeling like oral to my body.

I will often start off using the Liquid Air cap first to warm up for the normal cap, making my clit more erect so it’s easier to get a good seal. Same as before, I start off with the normal cap on the 5th air wave setting, as the first 4 are just too subtle for me. The air pulse sensation feels like sound waves pulsing over my clit, if that makes sense. Since the sensation is touch free it feels less direct to me. I know that for some people air pulse tech is super stimulating and very direct feeling, but without any physical contact it feels more like phantom sensations to me. It’s not that they don’t feel good, or that they’re never intense, because they certainly can be. It just all depends on where my hormones are at, like I explained. The same rules of not applying too much pressure with this cap also hold true as it will dull the feeling. Levels 5-8 of the air pulse are where I prefer to keep the toy most of the time, as they create deeper, fuller sensations; think of a rich, full-bodied coffee that has complex flavors. I will turn to levels 9-11 near the end when I am ready to actually orgasm, but they have a less rich feeling to my body, and more of a quick, energetic intensity; these levels are the coffee that’s got extra caffeine and it tastes fine but flavor isn’t its job. If you don’t drink coffee just ignore my silly comparison. 

While I do enjoy the basic air pulse cap it’s less reliable at keeping me aroused than the Liquid Air cap, because once I get closer to orgasm, the harder it is for my clit to perceive the air pulse sensation. I have reached orgasm with this air pulse toy but it almost always requires a lot of work on my part: moving the toy around for extra friction, fantasizing harder, breathing exercises, and so on. When I do manage to orgasm it’s almost always a really great one, and I immediately have to turn the setting way back down because my sensitivity to the sensation returns, but thankfully it’s no problem since there’s dedicated up and down controls.


As I stated in the beginning, this Satisfyer has two independently controlled motors, so you can use the vibration function independently from the air pulse function. Once I’m really in the groove with the open cap I sometimes like to stagger the vibration function with the air pulse function, increasing them back and forth. However, for whatever reason, sometimes, I can’t use the vibration function because it will make me feel like I can’t feel the air pulse sensations at all. When I am using the vibration I only use the steady settings with the open cap, and they just add a bit of surrounding vibration. I don’t really feel the vibrations in my clit so much as I do around my clit, which can sometimes be the little push I need to reach orgasm. How I use this toy, and what settings I do or don’t turn on is very dependent on how my body is feeling that day, and where my hormones are at. Thankfully though, the toy is designed in a way that really caters to that. There are 12 vibration settings total, 5 of these are steady vibrations, and the other 7 are varying patterns. 

I think that Satisfyer has some work to do overall when it comes to giving this line of toys a vibration motor. The vibration can be felt most in the back of the toy’s head, and it doesn’t transfer all that well to the actual cap of the toy. If I was rating this toy based on the vibration alone I would be very unhappy, but I just think of it as a little bonus that’s alright. I am very glad they’re separately controlled motors, because I definitely wouldn’t want to have to put up with the sensation all of the time. It’s there for the occasions I want it and it’s off for the ninety percent of the time I don’t. 

Overall Thoughts 

Overall, the Liquid Air cap is the winner for me because it is providing direct contact, and I enjoy the sensation more. I love prolonged wank sessions, and I’m not always able to have multiple orgasms so a toy that allows me to indulge in long sessions without pushing me over the edge is just as valuable to me as a toy that can make me climax ultra fast. I do not become desensitized with either cap and I can switch to using a standard vibration toy, or an oscillating toy in order to reach orgasm if I want to, even after using the Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 for a couple hours. Despite this toy’s lack of ability to deliver a guaranteed orgasm I find myself reaching for it almost every time I am having a personal masturbation session, instead of a work one (and even some of those), because I do enjoy the Liquid Air cap so much. I just pull out something else to finish the job. 


When I read through the manual of the  Satisfyer Pro 2 Gen 3 I was shocked to see that it has a 4 hour charging time, for about 60 minutes of use. However, this has to vary wildly depending on how you’re using the toy, such as if you have both motors on and how high. I have used this toy for a couple of hours at a time while reading erotica, watching porn, or sexting, and it hasn’t died on me. I get about 3 hours of use from my Pro 2 Gen 3 before I have to charge it again. Maybe it’s just a fluke though? 


Noise level is a concern for many people and this toy isn’t whisper quiet. When you have the toy pressed against your body it is fairly quiet, and can definitely be drowned out by being under a comforter, and having TV/music playing if you have super thin walls or live with nosy people. However, when you move the toy from your body, especially the Liquid Air cap, it is definitely on the loud side. The tapping sensation that the Liquid Air cap sounds just like its function: it taps loudly when not muffled against skin. If you need to be discreet you’ll need to turn the toy off before lifting it from your skin. The standard Air Pulse cap is definitely quieter than the Liquid Air cap but it’s not silent either. 

Bluetooth App

The Satisfyer app is something that probably deserves a review all to itself but I’ve been long winded enough so I will try to keep this short, and maybe in the future give a more dedicated review of just the app. The Bluetooth and app allow you, or another person (distance doesn’t matter) to control the toy with a phone or other device. You can even keep your chatting to the app with its chat function. You can use pre-programmed sequences or make your own to save and use. There is “live control” where you/someone else can control each motor separately or together, adjusting the intensities.  You can also pair it to music from Spotify or music saved to your own device, or ambient sound, such as someone talking. There are erotic stories, called Remotyca, that pair to the toy, and guided meditation sessions. You can check your toy’s battery level at any point with the app, which is one of my favorite features about apps. I haven’t encountered any issues with the toy disconnecting from the app so far. Personally I am glad I chose to pay the extra money for the Bluetooth/app capabilities and would suggest it. 

Cleaning and Wrap Up

As far as washing maintenance I think it’s pretty easy; the caps are removable and if your finger doesn’t fit into the opening of the toy you can use a cotton swab, just be careful not to puncture the clear silicone at the back of the mouth. It’s fully waterproof so you don’t have to be concerned with water getting where it shouldn’t, or you can use it in the shower/bath if that’s your jam. The waterproof rating is IPX7, meaning it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. Satisfyer also offers a generous 15 year warranty, so you can feel comfortable with the investment. It charges with a magnetic connection that is improved from some older Satisfyer toys, but isn’t the strongest on the market so be careful about bumping it. 

Overall, I do recommend the Satisfyer Pro2 Generation 3, especially for the Liquid Air cap. If you already know you enjoy traditional Air Pulse toys it does that well, too. The vibration motor is okay, but I hope Satisfyer will improve on it in the future.

If you’d like to get your on Satisfyer Pro 2 Generation 3 you can get it from BettysToyBox both with and without the app.

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