Inya Grind Pad Review

Inya Grind Pad propped against silicone dildos

The Inya Grind Pad fills a void in the market. I personally haven’t seen a vibrating grind pad that also allows the attachment of a dildo or penis. There are grinders that have a hole for a dildo or penis, but they do not vibrate. I was drawn to it specifically for that reason, as I like to grind on things to orgasm, but I wanted to add some vibration into the mix. Normally it’s my partner’s leg, but with this I could still do that, or I could put his penis through it and grind that way. Either way, the variety was there and I was looking forward to it, so I bought it to try out. 

The Inya Grind Pad is smaller than some other grind pads, and that combined with the fact it’s app compatible rather than having a remote means it costs a bit less. There is also a button on the bottom to change the settings but since it’s on the bottom you can see why that might not always be ideal. It has 3 steady vibration modes and 6 patterns. To turn the Inya Grind Pad on you hold the button on the bottom for a few seconds, it will buzz a single time, and then you press it again to cycle through the settings. Or you can connect to the app after powering on the toy to control it. To power off the toy, hold the button down for a few seconds again and the light will turn off.

The first way I used this grind pad was by placing it on my partner’s leg and then straddling it to grind away. Since I was already well acquainted with grinding this way I figured it would be a good first test for the toy. The pad stays in place well against skin, even without feeding a dildo or penis through the hole. The raised height of the mound is fair, but I would be okay with it being just a little taller, or coming to a slight peak, rather than just a flat hill. I found that I had to manually spread my outer lips so more sensitive areas of my vulva could make better contact with the grinder. 

The texture on this toy runs the same direction that you’re likely to be grinding on it in, which was disappointing to me. Now if you’re more of a circle grinder, like you circle your hips when grinding, you will get some stimulation from the texture rubbing crossways, but if you’re a forward and backward grinder, like I mostly am, the texture is pretty much pointless. I wish they had chosen to make the texture lines horizontal rather than vertical or at least diagonal. If texture isn’t your thing when grinding this will likely be a great benefit for you. The mound is smooth to rub against, and doesn’t cause friction irritation for me. I personally was hoping for a little more texture than this toy provides.

The vibration quality in the Inya Grind Pad is unfortunately lacking for me. It is a buzzy vibration that does not penetrate deep tissue, and it tends to cause some numbing. I won’t say it’s so weak that it’s strictly just a surface skin buzz, but it doesn’t penetrate deep enough to stimulate my entire internal clitoris. The power of the motor helps me some, as I can make a buzzy vibe work so long as it’s strong, but I wouldn’t say the motor is strong enough to be one of those cases. I wouldn’t call the vibrations rumbly by any means. The vibrations are also very broad, which makes sense for the shape of the toy. If you already know you need very concentrated, or pinpoint vibration this toy likely won’t be a good match for you. For the folks who prefer more subtle vibrations, this may be an okay motor, but that will largely depend on if you can handle a buzzy quality, too. 

Out of the 3 steady vibration settings I use 2 and 3 the most because 1 is just too weak for me, mixed with the buzzing. I don’t use patterns in most toys, and this grinder is no exception. If you’re someone who does like patterns I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with the options, but the vibration quality still may not work for you.

The reason a lot of folks are likely going to be interested in the Inya Grind Pad is because they want to use it with a dildo or a flesh and blood penis. The hole in the toy that’s meant for this is stretchy, but it’s on the smaller side. It can accommodate dildos bigger than the average size but a human penis can be a different story. My partner’s dick is above average, and every time I put the Inya Grind Pad on him it slides itself back up, almost halfway up his shaft. When I used the Inya Grind Pad in cowgirl and leaned forward, the ring would dig uncomfortably into his penis because it would only stay about halfway down his shaft. The movement of my grinding against it felt good for me, but the ring would just pull and press into him, causing him to partially lose his erection. If I stayed more upright my weight would keep the grinder about 85% of the way down his shaft, but this isn’t always ideal positioning for grinding, for me. 

Using the Grind Pad in missionary allows me to keep my hands out of the equation, providing just enough stimulation to my clit for me to reach orgasm. As someone who rubs their clit during PIV every time I do require some stimulation to reach orgasm. This toy works like a bigger sized vibrating cock ring with the little clit stimulating part for us. The benefit to this means less need for alignment precision for the toy to stimulate my clit and that general area. While the vibrations aren’t my preferred type, adding in the pressure of the grind pad rubbing against me creates enough friction for me to reach a hands-free orgasm. The issue of the Inya Grind Pad sliding up his shaft is more mitigated here since the thrusting against my body pushes it back down again. Enough vaginal wetness or lubrication is important though to avoid friction irritation on the penis.

When we used it in doggystyle the same issue of it trying to slide up happened but the thrusting of our bodies would make it slide back down to some degree. Now I couldn’t grind against the pad in this position really, even when my partner wasn’t thrusting and I just pushed back on him, because the pad portion would just squish against his balls and not give me enough stability. I could hold it in place with my hand, pressing the pad up against my vulva while he thrust into me, which is what I did. This felt decent, and I was able to orgasm, but overall I would rather just use a bullet vibe, or a smaller vibe for easier, more precise handling and stimulation. Not to mention better vibration quality overall. 

There are obviously more positions you could use the Grind Pad in, but I just wanted to give a run down of how some of them worked out for us. My partner did say he could tell the vibration quality wasn’t one I normally enjoy, and the buzzy feeling pressed against his pelvis did lead to some numbing for him too, during prolonged use.

Now, dildos are a different story since they’re not flesh and blood, and they do not fluctuate in hardness while you’re using them. Once I slide the Inya Grind Pad down my dildo of choice, it does stay in place, and I don’t have to be worried about it hurting it, even when it’s tight. The dildos I have used it on have all been silicone so the material gripping against one another helps a lot. You will most definitely need to use lube to get the Grind Pad to slide down your dildo though because otherwise it’s just very grippy. 

I don’t always use the vibration function of the Grind Pad while I am using it with a dildo because I know that the vibration is going to numb me to some sensation and grinding is already about more nuanced sensations for me, and I need to be able to feel the subtlety of it. The pressure on my clitoral shaft is a big part of what helps me orgasm when grinding. If I am numbed out from the vibration it can be hard to feel that pressure, and the subtleties of humping against the toy. So I will often do a 75/25 split where I grind against the Inya Grind Pad and dildo for about 75% of my session and then turn on the vibration for the last 25% of it. Sometimes I choose to use the grinder off for the entire session, and sometimes I choose to have it on for the entire session, it just depends on the day. 

Propping the Inya Grind Pad on something that supports your grinding style is vital for really getting the most you can from it. I unfortunately don’t have any sex furniture or specialty pillows that accommodate this super well, so I have been making do with pillows, rolled up towels, or people’s legs.

As I said earlier, the Inya Grind Pad is app controlled if you don’t want to bother with the single button on the bottom. I personally haven’t used the app a lot because I have been fine pressing the button a couple of times during use. I have tested the app a few times to see how it works and see how it connects to the toy. My first word of advice, keep the instruction manual that comes inside your Inya Grind Pad box; it has a QR code to scan to connect your toy, or a code you can insert. Once you’re in the app, it has several functions such as social features, a game tab where you match fruit/veggies, a music tab but you can’t connect to music apps, you’re supposed to upload music, a video tab where you can upload a video from your device, a drawing mode, and a shake mode. Like most Bluetooth controlled devices you can give someone else control. You can also toggle the social features on and off, which I think is very important. The only reason I normally care for apps with my toys is for more precise control but I haven’t really needed it in this case. I haven’t had any connectivity issues between the app and the Grind Pad either. 

Overall, I have enjoyed the variety that this Grind Pad has brought to my solo and partnered sex life, but I am looking forward to future models with improvements. I am hoping for different textures, shapes, and better vibration quality. I love the overall concept and I do think it’s a worthy addition to your toy box if you know you enjoy grinding, and the vibration function isn’t absolutely vital to you. 

Charging the Inya Grind Pad is simple, as it’s just a pinjack charger that you plug into the bottom. I suggest propping the toy up sideways while it’s charging so you don’t put strain on the cord or charging port. The instruction manual says charge time is 90 minutes and to not exceed that. You get 60 minutes run time from a full charge. 

The Inya Grind Pad is coated entirely in a plum colored silicone, making it body safe. It’s rated IPX7 waterproof level, meaning you can submerge it in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes, so shower or bath use is on the table. Cleaning is simple enough, just use mild soap and warm water, and ensure that you rub all body fluids and lubrication off of the ridges, and out of the letters/symbols and power button on the bottom side. Since the toy is silicone the use of silicone lubricant is not suggested, as you can ruin the finish of the toy. 

If you’d like to get your own Inya Grind Pad you can purchase one at PeepshowToys or BettysToyBox.

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