Satisfyer Love Breeze Review

Satisfyer Love Breeze in yellow surrounded by bath bombs, all set on a magenta background.

The Satisfyer Love Breeze is one of their air pulse products. This type of technology is also known as pressure waves, pleasure air technology, air pulsation, and any other name these companies decide to call it. These types of toys started with Womanizer and Satisfyer, and took social media by storm with the “rose”. The Love Breeze was actually the first air pulse toy I purchased a few years ago. 

The Love Breeze has 11 functions, and despite it being labeled “vibrating” some of the places it’s sold, Satisfyer does not list it as having vibration, and I can tell you from first hand experience, it doesn’t vibrate. The 11 functions are just increasing intensities of the air pulse tech, no patterns to be found. While there are 11 settings, each new level feels like a half setting increase to me, which can be good for more precision in the intensity level you desire. The width and height of the mouth opening is just about 5/8th of an inch, and it’s about 1 inch deep.

I can feel levels 1-4 when I hold my thumb over the toy’s mouth, so I know they absolutely work and if you have really sensitive bits they may feel good to you, but my clit just cannot perceive them basically at all. Levels 5-6 feel thumpier and bassier to me, with 7-8 having a little of these qualities but with some higher pitched zing mixed in. The toy is air pulse technology, so it’s not exactly rumble or buzz the way a traditional vibrator is, but it does produce somewhat similar feelings to my clit. Levels 9-11 just continue to get more zingy and higher pitched feeling. The motor is moving much faster at these levels, therefore, they lose their thumping quality and become very, very fluttery. I don’t really use levels 9-11 despite usually enjoying the highest levels of power from my toys because they feel too much like a buzzy, surface vibrator. I feel like Satisfyer really tries to cater to everyone with their settings, so most people are likely to find at least 1-2 levels on their products they enjoy, but it means overall you’re likely to feel somewhat limited instead.

While I’m saying levels 5-8 are the best, I only mean they’re the best in this toy, because overall I am not a fan of it. The sensation that I get from most air pulse toys is targeted stimulation of the exposed clitoris, and almost none of my internal. It doesn’t feel like oral sex to me the way it does for some people, but has more of a rapid tapping and stroking sensation. I am someone who largely enjoys targeted, pinpoint stimulation, with pressure mixed in. Air pulse toys can give me some of this feeling, especially the targeted sensations on a specific spot, but because they lack any direct contact there is no pressure feeling for me, meaning they do not penetrate deep. However, with the Satisfyer Love Breeze, a sensation that is already more surface for me somehow becomes even more shallow. Levels 5 and 6 are comparable to level 1 on my Womanizer Starlet 2 in terms of actual power, but the Starlet 2 can still be felt deeper in the tissue.

Just like the penile counterpart, the clitoris can have varying degrees of hardness depending on arousal and blood flow so sometimes when my clit is very engorged this product has a hard time getting a good seal. This isn’t necessarily all due to the size of the opening, or the depth either, but the overall shape as well. The mouth of this gadget isn’t super small and it has a more square-like shape opposed to a completely round or oval shape. I have an easier time with long, oval shapes than this more square shape. My clit is a medium size, in my own approximation, and while it’s not fully buried it is surrounded by extra flesh and tissue. Sometimes the shape of this toy means that the extra tissue that surrounds my clit gets more of the focus from the air pulse sensation than my actual clit does. And when my clit is more erect the shaft area is obviously more prominent, making a full, good seal much harder for this toy. If your clit (or your preferred term) reaches to the back of the toy’s opening the air pulse sensation will not be able to work as well, either. 

I have had my share of orgasms with this toy, as I’ve owned it a few years and I keep coming back to it, thinking maybe I’m not giving it enough of a chance, but each orgasm is a tough battle that leaves me feeling bitter rather than relaxed or satisfied. I want to emphasize here that if a toy isn’t working for you there’s nothing wrong with you, it simply means that the toy isn’t a good fit for your body. There are plenty of adult toys out there so every single one isn’t going to be an exact match with you. 

If I didn’t buy sex toys for the sake of collecting and reviewing, and I judged all air technology toys based on my experience with the Satisfyer Love Breeze alone I would have said they’re overrated and not worth my money. The Love Breeze stimulation is very subtle, and not a good overall representation of what this technology can do, in my opinion. If you’re someone who has tried other pressure wave toys in the past and always found them too overwhelming or overstimulating then this may be the right fit for you. That is the great thing about so many options in this day and age; just because something doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I try to highlight what is good and bad about a toy for me, so you know how it could work for you, because everyone is different. However, if you’re like me and require intensity, then you should pass this one up.

Satisfyer markets this thing with “Whisper Mode” and I’m not sure why, as it’s not a whisper quiet toy. I will say it’s more quiet than some air pulse toys, but louder than most traditional vibes. If you have the Love Breeze pressed against your skin, and it has a good seal it can definitely be more quiet, but if you take it away from your body or it has a funny seal it’s on the louder side. If you’re someone who needs to be very discreet with your toys, or you feel self-conscious about their sounds you will want to play some music/sound machine/TV to drown out the sound.

The shape of the body, and the fact it’s covered in silicone makes it easy to hold and it honestly really suits the way I like to hold things while masturbating. The motor also doesn’t transfer to the body of the toy almost at all so I don’t have to worry about my hand going numb or itchy from holding it, either. The small shape makes it really convenient for storing and traveling with it, but it doesn’t have a travel lock. I’ve never had it turn on by accident though because the button has to be held down a couple seconds and isn’t easy to bump. The buttons can be somewhat difficult to feel when in use, as they’re only marked with small indentations that can be damn near imperceptible when wet. However, there are dedicated buttons for up and down which is a must have feature in my book.

The Satisfyer Love Breeze uses magnetic charging, and unfortunately Satisfyer’s magnetic charging is just about my least favorite to deal with (it falls off way too easily). The benefit to magnetic charging is you don’t have to worry about any water getting into a charging port, so less stress for me. It takes 1.5 hours to charge, and is supposed to give you 1 hour of playtime. Personally, when I have run my own battery tests I actually get more than the hour of use out of it, every time. I get around 110 minutes of use (almost 2 hours!) on a full charge, and as I said I use settings 5-8 the entire time. 

The Satisfyer Love Breeze is fully waterproof, so water fun is on the table, and makes cleaning easy, but it doesn’t have a removable “mouth” piece so you will need to use a Q-tip or small toothbrush to clean the inside if your finger is too big. Its waterproof rating is IPX7 so that means it can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes. It comes in three colors: orange, yellow, and light blue. The one I own, that you see here is the yellow. It’s also completely body-safe since it’s made of silicone. 

If you’d like to get your own Satisfyer Love Breeze you can buy one from Early2Bed.

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