Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich Review

Dee's Big Daddies Diedrich laying on top of multicolored beads, and a pink background. There is a red We-Vibe Tango X vibrator laying on top of it.

From the moment I saw Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich, I knew I had to have it. Some toys you aren’t as sure of, and some toys can even ultimately surprise you in a good or a bad way. The Diedrich delivered in just about every way I had hoped it would. 

I ordered my Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich in XL and I knew when I ordered it would be the biggest (in length and girth) dildo I had bought to date, but I wasn’t worried that it would be too big (at least not in thickness) as I regularly enjoy getting stretched, it’s just usually by hand. However, I had been wanting to start getting bigger dildos, as most of them that I own are around average size, or just a tad bit bigger, or smaller. The biggest deciding factor for me choosing the Diedrich over Dee’s other Big Daddies was the shape, and the upward curve. I liked that the shaft was noticeably thicker than the head and I love an upward curve, because this really helps me target my A-spot and the other pockets around my cervix. I also suspected that the really pronounced corona of the glans would be distinct enough to be stimulating, and I wasn’t wrong.

If I could just write this review in pictures, emojis, or sounds it would just be a puddle of what-was-formerly-me on the bed, 😍🥵🥰🤤, or a bunch of moaning and “yeses”. However, that’s not a super helpful review, so I shall strive to be more articulate than that.  

Diedrich isn’t the sort of dildo I can usually just insert from the get-go, oftentimes I do indeed have to warm-up with another dildo, a human dick, or someone’s fingers first (my own are never enough). If I am already really aroused, relaxed, and wet I can start with this dildo but I have to go slow. That sort of thing really just depends on how used to your body is having larger objects put in it. Be smart, really listen to your body and know that there is no shame in using something else to warm up first; I do most of the time. I use a hybrid lubricant with this dildo every time because I struggle with producing enough vaginal fluids of my own, so water-based lubricant dries out a bit too quickly and with a toy this thick I most definitely want the extra cushion and slide of lubricant. Sliding the Diedrich in is delicious every inch of the way. The head is distinct enough from the shaft with the dip between the two that I feel them separately and this allows me to slide back and forth over my G-spot for some great stimulation. However, I never linger in this spot long because I really crave to be completely stuffed with all the thickness of this toy, and I want its head pressed against my cervix like yesterday. 

Once I have the Diedrich slid into place like I really want, I turn the head just a little to the left side, which is super easy to orient thanks to the “DBD” on the base of the toy. This is a feature I wish more dildos had because it really helps me to have a muscle memory of EXACTLY where I need to face the letters in order to hit just the right spot. The reason I do this is because it’s the best way to stimulate my A-spot and the left lateral fornix, which are usually my favorite spots around my cervix. This positioning also takes pressure off of my urethra, for days when I need that. Sometimes my urethra is extra sensitive and when the dildo is oriented exactly straight it can put extra pressure on my urethra, making it feel irritated. Obviously, this is very anatomy and body specific, and I just share with you so that you can be inspired to experiment with the alignment of your dildos in order to find what best fits your own anatomy and bodily needs. When I want my posterior fornix stimulated I just insert the Diedrich backwards, and the curve makes the head of this toy also settle into that pocket very nicely. This also allows the prominent, bulging, underside to press along my front wall.

The shaft is thick, and I can really feel it stretching my vaginal canal in all directions, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I cannot take the entire length of this dildo, because I have a more shallow vaginal canal, (which is why I can hit my A-spot with some shorter toys) but I sure do have a lot of fun trying. My vaginal reach ends right about where the dildo tapers in thickness just slightly, so I can use about 6 of the 8 insertable inches. I love all 6 of these inches, and I really enjoy pressing my body weight down onto the toy, trying to stuff myself even fuller. The pressure that the thickest part of the dildo puts on my G-spot and entire front wall is exactly what I want to feel when I am pounding it against my cervix. The head makes me see stars when I gently twist the toy back and forth over my cervix, the corona rubbing against some of my most sensitive spots. I really hoped that the overall thickness of this toy would mean I wouldn’t have to compromise and choose which spot I wanted to stimulate and it would do it all at once, and that’s exactly what it does.

The head on the Diedrich has its own little curve that allows it to nuzzle right into my fornices expertly, and still bump against my actual cervix just right, to deliver me to the realms of euphoria that are my cervical orgasms. I can have an extraordinarily hard time delivering myself cervical orgasms because my vaginal muscles clamp down so tight that they will expel toys halfway, or all the way out of me, and in the throes of an orgasm I do not have the arm strength to keep them stuffed inside. However, because of the length and thickness of this toy I can actually manage to continue nudging (or pounding) my cervix just right in order to achieve the orgasm with very little strength required on my part. It also makes it very convenient and easy to continue on to my second, third, fourth (you get the point) orgasm with the toy already in place.

I purchased my Diedrich from Shevibe, so I didn’t get to choose the density the way you can on Dee’s website, but that’s okay because it’s the perfect firmness for me. All of Dee’s Big Daddies realistic toys that they send to Shevibe are 0050 density, and the dragon and tentacle are in 0030. I love the 0050 for Diedrich, it has some squish but it’s also firm enough to pound exactly like I want, and feels very similar to human muscle. The vein and skin-like texturing is also perfect in my opinion. Texture and I do not always get along, but having some texture so a toy doesn’t feel like a completely smooth tube is ideal for me. I can’t really feel the veins in a distinct way that allows me to rub them over a specific spot for stimulation, but I do know they’re there, and I would miss them if they were gone, if that makes sense. I am also obsessed with veins in real life, so visually I love to see them. The base is thick and easy to hold onto, and it’s also harness compatible and anal-safe. I don’t currently have a ring big enough to test this in a strap on (you need a 2.5″ ring) so I can’t say how I like that, but I can say I love having my partner use Diedrich on me by hand. No matter how easy this toy is for me to use, it’s always nice to have someone else do the labor for me. I also can’t attest to how this toy feels in my butt because I just am not there size wise. 

The Diedrich is made with body-safe platinum silicone, and it can last you a lifetime if you take proper care of it. The craftsmanship is also excellent and I am very impressed; there are no air bubbles, defects, or rough seams. Purchasing this dildo was a splurge for me, but it was most definitely worth the cost and I do not regret it at all. (Their prices are also good, money is just a factor that varies person-to-person of course.) Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich has quickly become one of my most used and favorite dildos and I do not foresee that changing anytime soon. At least not until I can get my hands on some of Dee’s other models anyway.

Cleaning is super easy, I just use a mild soap and warm water, and it’s obviously waterproof since there’s no mechanical parts to consider. You can also use a 10% bleach solution, boil it, or put it in your dishwasher on the top rack if you have one (no detergent) to clean it. Do not use silicone lubricant with silicone toys. I have used three different types of hybrid lubricant with this dildo, and all of them have been fine, but I always wash it off right after use, too. If you want to use a hybrid lubricant with your silicone toys do a spot test first on an area that won’t be inserted into you, and I suggest you always thoroughly wash it off right after use.

If you think you’d love to have a Dee’s Big Daddies Diedrich of your own, or another model (or two) you can buy from Dee’s Big Daddies website, where you will have all the options (density, color, port) available to you, or you can purchase from Shevibe, where the options will be more limited.

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