Calexotics Pretty Little Wand Bubbly Review

Calexotics Pretty Little Wand Bubbly in a wicker basket with fake fur. The wand is an aquamarine blue color.

When you hear the word “wand” in regards to sex toys your mind probably thinks of the Magic Wand, or Doxy wand, but Calexotics Pretty Little Wand Bubbly is using the term wand here like a spellcaster’s wand, and I have to say I like the aesthetic. It invokes a cute, pastel, bubbly-witch-living-in-a-colorful-meadow image, to me. How a toy looks isn’t a huge focus for me because let’s face it, some of the biggest eye-sores happen to feel the best, but it can be nice when you can buy a toy that fits your personal style. It can also feel less intimidating if you’re new to buying toys and just want something that’s cuter looking.

I decided to buy the Pretty Little Wands in the Bubbly option specifically for the fact I figured it could help me with some of my pain. I have chronic pain, and one part of my chronic pain happens to manifest in my vaginal canal. The best way I can describe it to people is it feels like hard stress knots, and they cause tension and radiate to surrounding tissue. This is not the same thing as vaginismus where you can’t insert anything into a vagina without a great deal of pain and issues. I can still insert whatever I want, but the knots can most definitely hinder my sexual enjoyment and will lead to more wide-spread body pain if I don’t keep them in check once in a while.

The Bubbly wand is flexible and pose-able, which I immediately knew would be great for being able to reach my pain areas, no matter where they were trying to hide. Calexotics markets this toy as “able to hold any position you desire” and that’s not entirely true. The internal structure is a firm core and you can bend it into a lot of positions, that is true, but if you’re putting a lot of pressure on this thing while you’re thrusting it does slowly work itself out of most positions. This hasn’t been an issue for me so far, but if you need completely unyielding pressure, that won’t change at all, you won’t get it from the pose-able end. I don’t want you to think I’m saying it doesn’t hold the positions at all, because it does, and if you’re not as heavy-handed this may not be an issue. This wand is designed as a dual-ended toy, and the end without the bubbles is completely stiff so if you wanted to target an area with unyielding pressure you could do it with this end. You can’t feel the vibration in the “handle” end as strongly, and the power/setting button is on this end so if you wanted to change the setting  you’d have to remove the toy from your body to do so, if you’re using it inserted. You would also have to hold onto the stronger vibration end, and this can definitely be a problem for those who deal with hand pain issues, or itchiness from certain vibrations. These design choices make me feel like it’s a bit of a stretch to call it dual-ended, and if you want something that’s more specially dual-end designed I would suggest Pretty Little Wands Curvy instead. The Charmer has the same issue of the button being on one end, but it’s also marketed as a dual-stimulation toy.

The Pretty Little Wand Bubbly is also more narrow than most insertables at just 1 inch at its widest point, which is another reason I knew it would be beneficial for really targeting my sore spots, and for targeting more fun areas, too. Narrow toys are also perfect if you are apprehensive about penetration, or you just prefer less girth. While pain relief was my main reason for purchasing this toy it’s far from the only reason I use it. The four bulbs that give this magical wand its name, Bubbly, feel great being plunged in and out of my hole at hyper speed. The dip between each ball is distinct enough that it gives me a textured feeling almost, but because the material is completely smooth I do not have to worry about getting irritated the way more extreme textures sometimes cause for me. I love bending the toy to have just a small curve before I do this and then working the side of my vaginal canal. I get a lot of stiffness and pain on the right side, above the depth of my G-spot but below my lateral fornices.

The Bubbly Wand also allows for deeper play, all while still being slim. Not everyone is into stimulating around their cervix and that’s perfectly fine, but if you’re someone who is into it or if you want to experiment to see how you feel about it, this toy is a good option. You can bend the wand just slightly to target the pockets (the fornices) in front, behind, and to the sides of your cervix, or keep it more straight if your anatomy requires that. The slender body of the Bubbly was something I didn’t anticipate I would get so much use out of for actual pleasure (cause I love them thiiiick) but this toy has quickly shot into my most used category. My vaginal walls often clamp too tight for me to really thrust dildos/insertables as hard as I want to, because I deal with wrist and hand pain, which leads to weaker cervical orgasms than I want. However, because this little wand is so thin I can thrust it much harder than I can my thicker toys, and keep it deep enough without my walls pushing it out to actually have mind-blowing cervical orgasms that I can rarely achieve without a partner. I did not anticipate that I would be able to pinpoint the super specific areas around my cervix that I love thumped against so precisely when I purchased this toy, but I have to say that it definitely excels. 

The motors in Calextotics’ toy are middle of the road in my opinion: not the strongest, not the weakest. They’re a mix more on the buzzy end, with a hint of medium rumble, so while they do penetrate more than skin deep they don’t shake my entire internal clit, or pelvic floor. I love the fact that vibration was included in this toy because I do use it especially for my pain, and I even use it sometimes for my pleasure, but its power level and rumbliness are nowhere near the category of my beloved Sassy and Swan Wand. The main benefits of this toy for me when it comes to the pleasure aspect are the shape, poseability, and slender body. Another benefit of the weaker vibrations of this toy is it means I can use a vibe on my clit and still feel that without the internal vibrations drowning it out. I have definitely had more than a few orgasms with just this vibrator too, so they’re not so weak they’re useless or anything, they’re just not top-tier power.

Most of my Calexotics’ toys contain 3 steady vibrations and 7 patterns but this wand has just 10 steady vibrations, so you won’t have to worry about hitting patterns if they’re not your thing. However, the Bubbly contains a memory chip that resumes the last function you used, which for me, is pointless and a hindrance. This toy is operated by one button, so if you click to a setting you don’t like you will have to just click through until you get to where you want to be because even if you power it down and turn it back on, it will be where you left off, thanks to the memory chip. I know that it’s a bit nit-picky to complain about the memory function but when you only include one button to cycle through settings it’s annoying that you don’t even have the option to power down to get back to level one. I have no doubt there’s a group of people out there who like to masturbate with their vibrator on the same strength most of the time, so this will be helpful for someone, but not for me. 

Cleaning is super easy, as it’s waterproof so I don’t have to be careful about not getting water into anything. It also means you can enjoy it in the shower or bathtub if that’s your thing. The silicone on this toy is super smooth, and not a lube hog either (remember no silicone lube with silicone toys). It’s rather quiet while in use, I’ve never worried about someone hearing it, and if you’re worried about discretion playing some music, or any sound would most definitely drown it out. The Bubbly takes 2.5 hours to charge and runs for 30 minutes on high and 90 minutes on low. You turn the toy on and off by holding down its button for 3 seconds, and cycle through all ten settings with the same button. It charges with a USB pinjack charger, located at the non-bubbled end of the toy. 

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