Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles Review

Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles inverted, propped on top of a cube shaped crystal light. The stroker is clear T.P.E with yellow and purple orbs

I do not have a penis, so all penis toy opinions come from my current partner. The reviews are written by me, based on the thoughts and opinions of myself and my partner. 

The Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles is one of the two strokers in the Bobble line from Tenga; this one is clear with purple and yellow orbs, and there is the Crazy Cubes model which has pink and blue cubes. One of the reasons I really love these strokers is for their color and playfulness. There is most definitely a gap in the market for more strokers that cater to people who want cute strokers, or strokers with bright colors, or that just feel fun. I definitely think that Tenga is a company that excels in providing toys for masturbation that don’t carry the typical stigma that penis masturbation can only be centered around realistic-looking human body parts. There is absolutely nothing wrong with strokers that are shaped like vulvas, breasts, or butts, but they’re not what everyone wants. A wider variety in the market benefits everyone.

Like all Tenga strokers, the Magic Marbles also comes with a sachet of lubricant. Be sure to read ingredients before using to make sure you’re not allergic or sensitive to anything in it, and remember Tenga Hole Lotion lubricants are NOT vaginal safe. My partner suggests washing all your Tenga products 2-3 times with mild soap and warm water before you using them for the first time because they come with powder on them and this will most definitely change how the toy feels in use; and it usually takes 1-2 uses before it really feels its best. Make sure you’re always using plenty of water-based lubricant with these strokers since it will help it to feel best, keep you from getting irritated, and keep the toy in good condition. Silicone and oil-based lubricants are not suggested for TPE strokers, but my partner has used hybrid lubricants with his strokers and it has not caused any issues. However, make sure you spot test all hybrid lubricants on an area that you won’t be sticking your penis (or your preferred term) into. 

Tenga placed the squishy orbs in this toy in a way that feels very random, but it’s actually very genius. When you’re using the stroker you can feel the orbs from every direction, and because they’re not firmly held in place they swirl and move around, creating unique patterns of sensations. The Magic Marbles can feel like a new stroker each time you use it almost, because depending on the amount of air you have in the toy, the orbs move in a new fashion. My partner likes to keep more air in the toy, rather than squeezing it all out because the more air you have in the stroker, the better the effect of the orbs is. When the orbs can move around freely they push and gently pull on your penis (or your preferred term) and tantalize your most sensitive spots. The more air you squeeze out, the more the orbs will focus on very specific spots; they will still move around, but their range of movement will become more pinpoint.

My partner says the orbs can be felt on his glans and his shaft, which he likes because it’s an all encompassing sensation experience. The orbs swirl and push all around his glans in unique patterns that other strokers can’t provide, and he can also feel the orbs as gentle pressure points on his shaft. Despite all the movement and stimulation of this stroker it has never caused any friction or irritation, and my partner is very sensitive to that. The Magic Marbles doesn’t cover him from head to base, and this will vary person-to-person, but it’s stretchy enough that it can be stretched all the way to the base of most sizes. This stroker also does not have any hard casing, so you can adjust the pressure entirely by hand, squeezing as tight or as gentle as you want. My partner generally prefers a thinner lubricant, but with the Magic Marbles he says it benefits from a slightly thicker lube since it helps the bobbles move around really well, and to stimulate from all directions. It also holds lube really well inside, but you may get a bit of leakage now and again because the bobbles will push a pocket of air and lubricant out from time to time.

Like many of Tenga’s strokers, the Bobble Magic Marbles is very quiet in use, practically silent, and a good discreet option. It also isn’t readily obvious that this is a stroker to everyone who sees it, which is a comfort for many people. It’s also very easy to transport to a bathroom for cleaning if you need to be discreet just by wrapping it in a towel, an article of clothing, or even in your pocket if it’s big enough. Cleaning the Magic Marbles does take a bit more work than some other models since the patterns around the orbs can trap lubricant and body fluids, but it’s completely manageable with just a few more minutes of washing time. When inverting the stroker for cleaning, be as gentle as you can because you risk causing separation of the orbs from the stroker. I suggest you dry all of your TPE strokers very well with a lint-free cloth, or a drying rod before you store them, so that way they don’t get smelly or moldy. Tenga provides a hard plastic storage case, with ventilation at the bottom, but I wouldn’t suggest just putting a wet stroker in there and hoping for the best. 

Tenga’s clear material feels slightly thinner than their white material, but this doesn’t really change how the product ultimately feels in use. Since the material around the orbs is soft and a bit fragile, some slight separation has occurred at one of the orbs, this separation did not cause a hole clean through though. It’s the orb nearest the entrance and it slipped to the outside during use once, but it has not completely separated and it doesn’t impact overall use. If this happens to yours, make sure that you clean and dry this area well. These products won’t last forever anyway since they’re elastomer/TPE, but they’re priced very well, and you will get plenty of use out of them so long as you care for them appropriately.

If you’d like to get either Tenga Bobble you can purchase them at Early2Bed.

Photos taken by my partner this time.

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