Tenga Flip Zero Review

Internal shot of Tenga Flip Zero

I do not have a penis, so all penis toy opinions come from my current partner. The reviews are written by me, based on the thoughts and opinions of my partner. 

The Tenga Flip Zero was my partner’s fourth Tenga stroker, and he is a big fan overall of the products that they produce. My partner is uncircumcised and he’s self-described as someone who prefers less intensity because his dick is on the sensitive end of the spectrum and easily irritated. This is why Tenga is one of his top companies, because their strokers are soft and are most often suited to his preferences.

The Flip Zero is made of Tenga’s clear TPE material, and white plastic. It’s called the Flip because it flips open, allowing you to easily see the texture, and to make cleaning, drying, and lube application easier. Like most Tenga products it comes with a base that doubles as a drying rack, and a plastic case that closes over it for easy storage. Tenga also includes a sachet of Hole Lotion (lubricant) so you can test your toy out even if you don’t have more lube immediately on hand, but check the ingredients list if you have any known allergies/sensitivities (Hole Lotion is also not vaginal safe). My partner suggests washing this toy 3-4 times with mild soap and water because it comes with powder on it like most strokers and this always makes the toy feel more tacky and grippy. Even after the washes he says it will probably take 1-2 uses for it to really feel its best.

The Flip Zero is a highly textured stroker, with varying designs on both sides of the toy. My partner says it’s his most intense Tenga in texture alone from all the models he owns, but it still meets his expectations for Tenga’s soft material. He described this toy as having three specific zones, and Tenga themselves basically describes it this way, too. My partner says for him the first zone is more intense than the middle, and the end orb is the most intense. He likes that all of these sections actually have their own distinct feeling because you can pinpoint the section you want to provide yourself with specific stimulation types and actually feel a difference in them. The orb at the end is highly textured and has a very flexible membrane-like layer around it, which is excellent for frenulum stimulation. Rotating the toy doesn’t make the texture feel different on the shaft for him, but changing it around does change where and how his head is stimulated, so he can choose a more or less intense experience.

One of the selling points Tenga makes about the Flip Zero is the intense suction it can provide. The toy has two panels that you can press while using it that will squish the air out of the stroker, creating a much tighter suction around you. This is a one way chamber so air will not just seep back in through a top hole over time. My partner says when he inserts his penis into the stroker it starts out looser and he doesn’t bother to squeeze air out with the panels because as you’re stroking yourself the suction naturally happens. This is an aspect that will vary for everyone and he said that he feels this is one stroker that everyone will definitely have to find their own rhythm and flow with because their preference for suction and pressure will vary so much. This stroker is also more “sandwich shaped” in the words of my partner, which will likely mean your grip has to be slightly different from your other strokers because it’s not evenly round. Depending on how tight your grip is when you’re masturbating will definitely influence how you want to hold this stroker while using it, and it will change the suction if you’re directly pressing those panels. 

Since the Flip Zero is so full of nooks and crannies lubing it can be a bit more complex than other strokers. The fact it flips opens helps with this as you can open it up and squeeze the lube liberally everywhere, but you cannot just squirt lube at the entrance of the toy and expect that it’s going to slide into all the cavities the way you need most of the time if you’re starting with it dry. My partner’s advice on the best way to get this toy ready for you to use is to open it up and run water all on the inside, shake the extra water out, close it up and then squeeze your lube in from the entrance. When the toy is already moist on the inside your lubrication can run where it needs to and cover the toy more easily. If you don’t want to take the time to water your toy before you begin using it though (hey we’re all a little impatient sometimes) then you can simply flip the toy open and squeeze your lube everywhere, put some right at the entrance hole and then begin. This Tenga also holds your lube exceptionally well, because of the entrance design and lack of airflow. My partner is very specific about his lube needs when wanking because he does get irritated easily so a toy that dries out and loses its lube easily will often not end up in his top picks. He very occasionally will need to add a bit more lube or spritz the inside of the toy with his water spray bottle, but this varies lube to lube . You can easily apply more lube by sliding the U-arm off the top and opening it slightly to squeeze more inside, all without removing yourself from the sleeve.

The Flip Zero is a quiet toy, so it’s good for those worried about being discreet. The most noise this toy makes is if you add water to your lube you may get a bit of a squelchy sound but it is not loud enough to be concerned about someone hearing it in another room. This stroker is longer than some of Tenga’s other models, but it will not cover everyone’s entire shaft . The material is most definitely very stretchy and will allow you to cover a lot of penis, but because it also has a partial plastic case not everyone will be able to push this stroker to their base. The Flip Zero is made of clear TPE but it does not feel tacky, draggy, or sticky to my partner’s dick in use, but of course make sure you’re using plenty of water-based lubricant. TPE is not compatible with silicone or oil-based lubes so stay away from those so you don’t ruin your toys. 

The Flip Zero was thankfully designed to flip open because I can’t imagine trying to clean and dry this thing if it didn’t. My partner suggests rinsing all excess lubricant and body fluids with cold water and your fingers first and then adding a mild soap and using warm water to really give everything a good wash, and give the end orb extra attention because it really traps lubricant and fluids. For drying, my partner uses a towel that he just closes the Flip Zero around to absorb as much of the excess water as he can, and then he uses a BMS Novelties “absorb-o-rod” to finish it off. He uses these rods on all his strokers and they have never caused any issues. My partner says “when you think you’ve got the end orb dried out completely, dry it again anyway because it traps water really badly.” Also, make sure that all the water is squished out from around the air suction plates, and around all the plastic for the opening hinges. Once you’ve dried your stroker as much as you can manually you can then prop it open on its magnetic stand per Tenga’s directions to finish air drying completely before you close this toy and store it. While the Flip Zero is not as small as some of Tenga’s models it is still smaller than some other strokers so it can easily be wrapped in a towel for transport to a bathroom for discreet cleaning if that’s a concern for you. Storage is easy with the case and base provided by Tenga, and will help keep your toy clean of lint, hair, etc., because the material is definitely a lint-magnet.

TPE is a porous material and therefore cannot ever be fully disinfected so it’s very important that you wash and dry your toys right after using them. Tenga includes drying stands but I highly suggest drying all your TPE toys before letting them air dry completely before storage to prevent molding. If your sex toys develop any odd smell, discoloration, or mold, stop using them and throw them away. TPE products are not designed to last forever, but they can definitely be used repeatedly with good care. 

TPE toys are not safe for vaginal use because they are porous and the bacteria they hold can lead to vaginal infection. 

If you’d like to get your hands on your own Tenga Flip Zero you can purchase at BettysToyBox or Early2Bed.

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