Pillow Talk Lusty Review

Pillow Talk Lusty in Pink in front of eyeshadow palettes

The Pillow Talk Lusty took the familiar design of a lipstick vibrator and decided to change it up by making it into a flickering and vibrating toy, while still maintaining the general shape of a lipstick vibe. It’s powered by PowerBullet technology, which allows you to hold the button down to increase power, as opposed to clicking through predetermined levels, allowing for more sensitive control. There are no patterns in this toy. It’s made of silicone and ABS plastic so it’s completely body-safe, which I expect nothing less from Pillow Talk. Charge time is two hours, which gives you up to 65 minutes of playtime.

The mouth of this toy is a shallow crater with a small flap of silicone for the flickering action. The rest of the silicone tube extends down to the handle which is the same cushioned design that most Pillow Talk products have, and the power/control button is their signature gem on the bottom.

When I click the button on my Lusty to just turn it on the little “tongue” doesn’t always start flickering right away. The motor and vibration are on but it doesn’t have quite enough power to immediately start sometimes, but holding it down for just an extra second gives it the boost it needs to speed into action. The flickering mechanism on this toy, like many other flickering toys, is fast; it’s not slow licks but more like the wings of a hummingbird. The Lusty at its lowest power level is very subtle, too subtle for my clit, so I have to turn it up about 1/3 of the way to even begin to really feel anything from it. I have a medium-sized clit (in my approximation) that’s not quite fully buried but it’s surrounded by quite a bit of tissue, and my hood covers most of it. In general, when I’m aroused it’s fairly easy to stimulate the shaft of my clitoris, and the very head of it without pulling the hood back or manually spreading my labia. I give you all these details because knowing how my genitals are shaped can help you figure out how a toy will line up with your own genitals. I can let the Lusty flick over the shaft of my clit fairly easy, but because the little “tongue” isn’t very long, and it’s set into the recess of silicone at the top, when I try to press it against my clit it can’t work as well as it should.

The flickering piece of silicone is bendy, not very firm at all, and while this allows it to flicker its little heart out, it also crumbles under the smallest demand. The flickering action can feel good on my clitoral shaft, and it even feels good on the head of my clit, but the moment I try to stimulate more than just the very tip of my clit the flickering disappears. It’s not that the motor stalls or that any malfunction with the toy happens, but that my clit and all the fleshy bits it comes with consume too much space within the toy’s opening and around the flicker flap, preventing the movement. I know that I’m a pressure hungry person most of the time so I made myself back off and I tried holding this toy very daintily on my most sensitive areas, and this does feel good but it only lasts about 30 seconds and then I need more stimulation or a new spot. 

The thin wall of silicone that surrounds the “tongue” picks up the vibration from the toy’s motor rather well, and in theory this could stimulate too but for me it’s too yielding, and the vibration type isn’t right. I have a few toys with PowerBullet motors, and in general I like them and they produce vibrations I really enjoy. I’m not sure if it’s the Lusty’s shape, or size, exactly, but the vibrations feel very buzzy to me. I’m someone who regularly enjoys mixes of buzz and rumble, so I don’t require a toy that’s just rumbly, but this little lipstick-shaped gadget is way too buzzy for me. When I increase the power level of this toy to try and get more stimulation from it it ends up feeling like a cheap, buzzy vibrator that only offers surface-level stimulation. These vibrations also can be felt in your fingers and hand while holding the toy. I have a pretty high tolerance for the amount of “hand buzz” I’m willing to put up with from a sex toy, and this is just too much for me. I hate the after effects it leaves in my hand.

The Lusty does have a redeeming quality for me, though. I like to use this little gadget as a pre-show to an air pressure toy. Since my clit is surrounded by quite a bit of flesh I like to use the Pillow Talk Lusty on my shaft and clit head first to bring a good amount of blood flow to the area so it’s easier for my air pressure toys to get a good seal. The weaker stimulation and vibrations arouse my clit enough for me to use another toy without losing out on any of the stimulation the next toy offers. It’s also pretty decent at stimulating my nipples. Another positive thing about the Lusty is the fact it’s quiet, even when turned all the way up. I haven’t been able to reach an orgasm with the Lusty a single time I’ve used it because it’s not enough for me, but it’s a pretty good warm-up. I’m aware that most people don’t want to buy as many sex toys as I do though, and purchasing a toy dedicated to just warm-up is not in everyone’s budget, so I’m not recommending it in everyone’s situation. If you’re someone who has a very exposed clitoris (or your preferred term) and it’s very sensitive the Lusty may work for you.

The Pillow Talk Lusty has a magnetic charger, and thankfully it’s stronger than some magnet chargers so it doesn’t fall off just from looking at it wrong, but it’s not as strong as, say, Fun Factory’s magnetic chargers. The Lusty is splashproof, not waterproof, so do not submerge it. It also comes with a silky storage bag and a brush for helping clean. I love these little brushes and use them to clean a lot of toys beyond my Pillow Talks, because they’re perfect for getting into small grooves and nooks. You can always use a soft toothbrush for this though if you happen to lose your little cleaning brushes. Storing the Pillow Talk Lusty is easy, not just because of the bag it comes with, but it also has a plastic cap to cover the silicone portion, protecting the toy and allowing you to be very discreet, disguising it as just a tube of makeup. 

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