Kyst Lips Calexotics Review

Slanted front view of Kyst Lips in hot pink from Calexotics on top of a cupcake background.

The Kyst Lips from Calexotics are part of their Kyst line, which has four products total. The Kyst Lips come in two colors, neon pink and neon blue, and the end intended for use is shaped just like their namesake. What drew me to the Kyst Lips was specifically the shape, because I wanted to stick my clit into the divot of the mouth and hopefully use it like a small, vibrating stroker. 

I own a few Calexotics products so I mostly know what to expect from them: motors that are a mix of rumble and buzz, usually around 10 settings, 3 being steady and 7 being patterns. The Lips are no different in the settings department, it’s exactly the 3-7 split, and the usual pinjack charger. It takes an hour to charge and can run for 120 minutes, which is very standard for most Calexotics’ products. I get around 50 minutes use, on average, out of the Lips on a full charge.

When my Kyst Lips arrived I charged it up as usual and turned it on and immediately I was hesitant. The Lips didn’t seem to have quite the same vibration pitch as other Calexotics motors, but instead a higher pitched buzz. I didn’t let this taint my desire to try it out as a small vibrating stroker for my clit though. While I knew that it wouldn’t function exactly like a stroker, since it’s not quite the right shape I was hoping that I would be able to put my clit in that little opening and the surrounding vibration would be the right kind of stimulating. 

When I set the plump lips to my clit my previous hesitation was unfortunately confirmed; the vibration was indeed weak and buzzy. Those plump lips don’t pick up the full power of the motor, but even when I pressed the barrel of the toy against my clit it only felt marginally stronger, and it was still a very buzzy vibration. I am someone who doesn’t need just rumbly vibrations, and I generally prefer toys that do have at least a little buzz mixed into their rumble, since my genitals will tune out sensations with no variety, but this is too much buzz for me. The sensations can only be felt on the very surface of my skin, they do not penetrate at all. When I put my clit into the hole of the Lips it actually becomes worse somehow. I think it boils down to the vibration transfers best to the surface of the Lips, and the flat back of the “mouth” basically has none. Due to the high pitch of the buzz it also creates the temporary numb sensation that happens the longer I use this frequency of vibration. Just to clarify this is definitely a temporary sensation and goes away quickly after I stop using it; do not buy into the myth that sex toys desensitize you permanently.

I never test a sex toy just one time to form my opinions because that certainly wouldn’t make for a fair review, considering hormones, moods, and bodies all fluctuate. However, over the four months I’ve been using this toy it has never gotten better. I pretty much dread having to test it every single time. Since my plan of a miniature stroker didn’t work I moved on to trying to find a different angle or spot on this toy that would bring me pleasure. I hoped that perhaps the distinct edge of the lips would be able to be used to create more of a pinpoint sensation, and it definitely does have a different feeling than a rounded bullet but it is not a pinpoint sensation. Unfortunately no matter where I place the Lips, the vibration is just a source of frustration that holds the toy back. Rubbing the Lips over my vulva with no vibration can feel interesting, since it’s not shaped like a finger or a basic bullet, but it’s really not stimulating enough to justify buying it.

The silicone on the Kyst Lips is a very soft texture, and it glides smoothly against my skin with a bit of lubricant or my own fluids. The lips themselves are not completely rigid, and you can pinch them closed, but in use the toy does feel stiff. You can apply a lot of pressure head on, or you can apply it from the side and have just a bit of give. There is basically no squish to the actual silicone, so don’t expect the lips to be squishy. The toy also has a memory chip, which I just don’t quite understand, especially when you only have one button to function. I get that a memory function might be useful if you have to turn the vibrator off for a temporary interruption, but most folks aren’t going to want to start out on the setting they end on. The toy doesn’t have a specific travel lock, but it’s considered more travel-friendly since you have to hold the power button down for 3 seconds to turn it on (and off). The power button is located on the very end of the toy so it’s easy to press and change the function. It also has a raised power symbol so it’s easy to feel, even with wet fingers. The only part of the toy that isn’t silicone is the plastic, metallic-plated circle surrounding the power button, which is still a body-safe material. The power button lights up, and pulses to patterns of the toy, as well.

I can’t deny that the toy has a cute, friendly aesthetic that is likely to draw some folks in, but the motor will definitely leave something to be desired. For what the Kyst Lips cost most places you could purchase a bullet that won’t just be a high pitched buzz, and will actually feel more stimulating. One of the benefits of the Kyst Lips is it’s discreet. It’s small, easy to transport to the bathroom for washing, and it’s quiet in use. Even when I’m not pressing this toy against my flesh, if it’s under the covers it’s extremely muffled and quiet. It’s also made entirely of body-safe material which is a win in my book, so props to Calexotics for that aspect. It’s also waterproof so cleaning is hassle free, you just need a small brush, a cotton swab, or small enough fingers to clean in and around the mouth shape. This also means shower and bathtub play are an option. 

If I bought this as my first sex toy I would definitely be underwhelmed and not as likely to keep buying toys in the future, and I want to help others avoid that scenario. If you bought this as one of your first toys and you’re worried this is the best that’s out there, don’t be discouraged, there are stronger products out there! If you happen to own and like this toy, that’s also great! The vast world of product options is so everyone can find something they really enjoy. 

If you think the Kyst Lips will be a good option for you though you can buy them from BettysToyBox!

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